Sunday, July 27, 2014

I've been flitting from one project to another lately, and not making much progress on anything.  I did some work in the garden, finished some customer quilts, spent a weekend with my DD which was fun;  there was a lot of handsewing on the vintage hexagons, and I finished knitting a shawl and a scarf.  I haven't felt like sitting at the sewing machine though; the cold I had made me miserable and I just couldn't get warm enough, so I spent lots of time tucked up in bed with the dog and my knitting.  Dolly certainly approved, she loved the company, but I'm better now, so she will have the bed to herself.

On Tuesday I finally put the King's Crown top together, and then spent the next 5 days trying to find the perfect border fabrics for it.  I was going to slap a green plaid on it and call it done, but Mereth vetoed that very firmly.  I must have pulled out every fabric I owned, but nothing seemed to work, and I really didn't want to buy anything.  All the greens looked dull, the browns were horrible, reds made the sashing look brown and tans made it look pink.  AAGGHHH!

  Finally I tried a madder print, and that was what I was looking for, at last!
I spent the weekend quilting a Farmer's Wife quilt, and it was a big one, 87 x 104". While the Statler was stitching I managed to get the borders pieced and attached, so all in all it was a productive weekend.

Now I have to put away all the fabric I pulled out, and tidy up the mess of scraps and leftovers.  Then I need to pick another UFO to work on, how exciting.  I've finished 17 so far this year, and I'm still enthusiastic about the rest on the list. 

I'm plodding away at these hexagons, but it's slow going.
I worked out it takes an hour and a half to attach the diamonds across each row, and that could have made me feel worse, knowing how much is left to do,  Instead it gave me hope, because I know I can do one row a night if I just focus on it; I can have diamonds on all the rows by the end of the week, and it all joined into one piece by the end of next week.  All it takes is a bit of dedication and a lot of stitching.  I can do that!  (Pressing those seams is going to be horrible though....)
Our last trip to Jamestown was to pick up a layby at the patchwork shop; a batik jellyroll is tempting me to start a new project, and I think I've earnt that after all those UFOs I've worked on.  I need to get my first batik quilt on the go, the longer I leave it the more apprehensive I get.  I need to just cut into those precious fabrics and start enjoying them. 


katie z. 6:38 PM  

17 UFOs finished is certainly an impressive accomplishment! I love reading your updates even if I rarely comment. Thank you for sharing with us. I have a few stalled out projects I want to abandon for a while, but I think now I'll try to stick them out before I start anything new!

Diane-crewe 12:40 PM  

so glad you are feeling better .. and able to concentrate xx

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