Sunday, July 13, 2014

Last month I spent a lot of time quilting, and finished three wholecloths.  One of them was a UFO from about 2002, so it was a good feeling to finally deal with that.  I did this as a class sample, and quilted it on my Gammil shortarm; unfortunately I ran out of time to finish it, and after the class I didn't have any motivation to complete it.

It needed borders on two sides, and the centre motif completed.  I reworked the designs I used then, and was able to finish the stitching on the Statler.  I love technology!

My determination to finish old projects even extends to old quilting projects it seems.  I'm glad I've turned this from something that reproached me, into something that I can actually use.
I used the same pattern to make a lilac quilt, that my DD will have,
 and a small wallhanging in a nice gold colour.  It's so cute at such a small scale, I really loved quilting this one.  When I was stitching out my design all those years ago, struggling with the limited throat space of a shortarm machine, I never imagined that I'd end up with a Statler that would effortlessly reproduce whatever I dreamed up.  I love my quilting workroom, and what it helps me achieve; I've worked awful hard for it, but it feels like a blessing, and I hope I'm always grateful for it.


Brenda 1:36 AM  

Gorgeous work as usual.

antique quilter 1:41 AM  

just beautiful, it would be a dream to own a whole cloth quilt. love the little one, your quilting is amazing. what a treasure.

katyquilts 7:43 AM  

Your work is gorgeous. I so look forward to your posts and those of your sister! I know exactly how you feel about your quilting space, I feel the same about mine.

Gypsy Quilter 10:29 AM  

I love every single one. Would you mind adopting me so I can request one in blue?

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