Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm busy making bright, cheerful Sister's Choice blocks, and enjoying the happy fabrics.  I have 35 completed, and another 7 to sew together this afternoon.

 I keep going back to my usual favourites, but they are so dingy compared to these fabrics that I can't include them.  I don't have a huge collection of brights, so I'm having to use fabrics three or four times, and that feels odd.  My Repro stash is so huge that I never have to repeat a fabric unless I want to. 
I'm struggling with the layout.  I kept seeing quilts on Bonnie's slideshows that are set edge to edge, and I wanted to make a quilt exactly like that.  But now that the blocks are on my design wall I want to fiddle with setting. 
I really dislike putting blocks right next to each other, all those seams form lumps and bumps that I'm not a fan of.  And all that cream irritates me for some reason.  So I tried a little sashing strip, just to see what it would look like.
I love this batik, but I don't have enough.  I have to start buying batik yardage, not just FQs.
I have many metres of this aqua/green print, and it's really pretty next to the green and purple blocks.  The coral and yellow blocks seem brighter next to it too.  I think I've decided to use 1.5" finished sashing; that will solve the problem of too many seam allowances in one spot, and it will bring even more colour into the quilt and the cream areas won't bug me anymore.  Sometimes the things I hate about a quilt have more effect than the things I love; I keep changing things until I don't hate it anymore, and then I discover that I love it after all.
There are lots of leftovers, so I need to choose another pattern to sew these into.  I'd like to completely use up a lot of these fabrics, and then I will be able to go shopping for some lovely modern prints.  I'm certainly shaking up the stash lately, and it's been fun.


Brenda 11:54 PM  

I love how you share your thoughts as you design. Top is lovely.

Nancy 7:43 AM  

Oh but I love the look of the edge to edge and the secondary design that creates. Regardless, pretty blocks.

Karen in Breezy Point 8:01 AM  

I think the sashing is a good choice--I also hate piecing blocks together with those lumps!

Sue SA 2:11 PM  

Looking forward to seeing them all sashed, I think it will break up the blocks and look good.

Gypsy Quilter 8:30 PM  

What a cheerful quilt. Great color selection. Thanks for sharing.

Sassi 4:19 AM  

Love your blocks. I have made this quilt and i set mine like Bonnies dancing nines quilt with offset blocks. I called mine dancing sisters. Its a good scrap buster

jude's page 8:15 PM  

I love to see how much piecing you achieve in your busy life. Looks good.

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