Thursday, February 23, 2006

These late night stints watching the Winter Olympics are starting to take their toll. I have to have a sleep each afternoon to recover, but I don't have a problem with that. My DH comes home for lunch each day, and we usually have a power nap of 45 minutes or so. Our hi-flyer friends in Melbourne, who commute 75 minutes to work each day, were astounded at that, but there has to be some advantage to living in a small town. 4 minutes drive to work is one of them, lunch at home is another, and a wee sleepie when you need it is another. Some of the worst times I've known have been when I was desperately tired and couldn't take time off to sleep - just horrible.

I still don't have a lot of free time, but I threw common sense aside yesterday and sewed for 15 minutes. That felt good, I could just feel the stress vanishing. And it's made me more determined to finish my obligations and move on.

This is another old quilt, I finished it about 5 years ago. I used the Marti Michel sunburst templates, and had a ball making the blocks. they were fantastic fun to make, and I have another 30 pieced and waiting to be put together. .....waiting......waiting...... After 5 years I should get busy and do something with them.

Meredith and I used to ring each other once a week, and talk for three hours, because the phone company charged us the same whether we talked for 45 minutes or 3 hours. I bought us headphones, so that we could talk and sew, and each of these blocks represents a phone call. It was a very companionable way to sew, and I have something to show for my time.

Patchworkers in our little town aren't generally the Maverick kind, and the fact that I used different backgrounds for each block just threw them totally. 'But WHY?' was the general comment. Sigh. 'Cause I get so freaking bored doing the same thing again and again, that's why. The background of the middle block in the second row is actaully a four-patch that I centered the sunburst over, just for fun.

Now we chat through Yahoo messenger, and I need to put some handpiecing near the computer so I can use that time well. The temptation is to cut out a new project instead of finishing one of the many already in existence. I will try to be good.

It looks like I will be able to go the US in May, for one of the big machine quilting shows. Can't get excited, not till I have the tickets in my hot little hand, but it's looking distinctly possible. May even be able to hook up with the divine Miss Bonnie....


Crystal Boudreaux 4:29 AM  

Keryn, I think it is perfect. Some of the "rigid" quilts appeal to me. Mostly, it is quilts like this. The ones that look like your heart went into it. The four-patch background is my favorite *VBG*.

Bonnie 10:45 AM  

gasp gasp gasp......I just read that you can be coming this way, it would be SO GREAT to hook up with you again! I'll do my best to try to make it to the show too so we can make that happen! Love the sunburst quilt...and I feel so much the same way about using the same background fabric over and over...WHY!???


Evelyn aka Starfishy 1:21 PM  

Wow, this is a stunning quilt with 12 blocks - I can't imagine having another 30 already made! I like the mixed backgrounds and the fun 4 patch too.

I have the DUMBEST phone for a Momma right now - as soon as you prop it up on your shoulder so you have 2 hands free - you disconnect. Agh. Bet you loved your headphones to talk and sew - looks like you got lots done during your chats!



Patti 1:05 PM  

Hello Karyn! Your quilts are very beautiful! I've enjoyed reading about you, your cats, and your quilting. Love your strips and strings quilts, but especially love the one you most recently posted - the starburst (or sunflower - can't remember what you called it). The colors are wonderful, and I LOVE the scrappy backgrounds!

Lucy 12:34 AM  

What a beautifull quilt.Can you show me the templates you used ? and it is a great story that you sewd them most whyle talking with your sister on the phone :c)!

James Baker 3:25 AM  

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