Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have been spending long days on the computer, drafting and typing, and now it's caught up with me. If I don't cease and desist right now I will end up with serious nerve and muscle problems that take weeks to heal. I have learnt my lesson from past experiences though, so I'm off to take a holiday in my sewing room and not do anything computer-wise except check my mail and fill orders. I just may have some finished projects to show by the weekend.

I've had a nasty week anyway, fixing the termite damage in my room and cooking meals in the hot-box kitchen. Salads, we should be eating salads at this time of the year, not lasagne and curries and casseroles. I at least thought to cook double amounts, so there are some freezer meals for the next week.

I snapped and bought this.

And this.

Good thing I'm not part of the no-buy group on Stashbuster; I don't regret buying more fabric, but I wish my stash were better organised so that the new stuff had a home to go to. It will sit on my cutting table for weeks until I bundle it into a basket and then forget where I put it. Must..get..organised..

Just for fun, try using the mouse with your left hand. Takes some getting used to, but it extends my time on the computer if I can nurse my aching right hand. They say you should learn something new every few months to keep your mind active.

My sister Meredith just posted a piccie of her hexagon star quilt on her blog, so here's mine. It's all handpieced, and it was my travelling project for many years. The little stars were pieced on my teaching trips, from Melbourne to Sydney, Tasmania to outback Queensland, even in Chicago and Paducah. The ones I pieced there I marked with a Pigma pen so I can find them again. It was a lovely portable project, only one diamond template that fitted on a 2"strip. I made more than 115 stars on my travels.

Does it mean anything that when we were kids I was always dressed in blue, and Meredith was always dressed in pink?


Leah Spencer 3:26 PM  

Ohh, I do use the mouse with my left hand all the time. For many years I used my right hand, but it started to tingle from abuse, so switched to the left. It might help that I'm left handed though. :)

mereth 1:07 AM  

Glad you've had a bit of retail therapy, you deserved it. I hope you get to do a bit of actual sewing soon, then life will seem more normal.

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