Friday, March 31, 2006

It's only two weeks till I leave for America, and I had better start getting prepared. I might be getting excited soon...

I have to get our taxes done before I leave, so I'm slaving away at that. It's not much fun at all, but there may be time for a little sewing this weekend. Every year I vow and declare that I will be a good little vegemite and keep my bookwork up to date, and then I get hopelessly behind. Maybe this year will be the year I finally get organised.

I shall endevour to get the instructions for my set of scrap quilts up on the net this weekend, I have the photos edited and everything. This is another quilt made from those blocks, and I like the 3D effect. Just imagine this without the green and apricot accent colours. They were a dull lot of scraps on their own. I think my Stashbuster allowable purchases should be expanded to include another B word- Brighteners.

I've been working away at streamlining the possessions, and that has been quite satisfying as some sort of order is restored. This is the fourth time in a year that I have combed through my stuff, and each time I find things that I can bear to part with. Soon I will have a normal amount of junk, instead of a scary mountain of junk.

The extra space upstairs means that my treadmill has found a home in the TV room, instead of taking up most of the floorspace in my sewing room. It's luxurious to be able to move around and open cupboards without climbing over gym equipment. And I can lay the bigger tops out on the floor now, which really helps.

I adore the treadmill by the way; I got it first week of January, and plod away for an hour each day, while reading the book du jour. I ordinarily can't justify reading, as there is always something else to do, so it's great being able to combine reading and exercise. Watching TV or DVDs just doesn't do it for me. Between the gym and the treadmill I'm actually getting fitter at last. Long way to go yet, but it's a start.

I finished my 25yo fair isle jumper last night, now I just need to find a 10yo child who can fit into it. I remembered that I abandoned it when I discovered that I had knit the last band of pattern out of sequence and it needed to be unpulled; that took all of 5 minutes, then another four hours to knit the rest of the sleeve, the cuff and the neckband. Honestly, how pathetic is that? It's been unfinished all this time for the want of 4 hours of work. Hmm, I think there's a lesson in that for all of us


Tazzie 4:23 PM  

Hi there
I'm leaving for the states soon too ... are you heading to Paducah? I'm super excited, as it will be my first time in Paducah (not the USA), maybe we'll hear each other's Aussie accents across the other side of the pavillions?

Holly 2:21 PM  

Keryn, I treadmill an hour each day, too, but I'm still climbing over mine as it shares the sewing room with me. I watch cooking shows while I walk.

Dawn 6:17 AM  

I'm loving your scap strip quilts! Aren't they fun! I"m going to Paducah also - I hope I run into you!

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