Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's been a stormy weekend here, alternating between pelting rain and hot sun. It's strange weather indeed. I've been stuck in the office working, no sewing achieved , but I did load the strip set instructions onto my website. I have yet to finish the instructions for putting the blocks together in the various settings, but it's a start.

Daughter Seonaid has been home for the weekend, and it was lovely to see her. She even managed to squeeze into my old jumper, but it was way too small for her. She's nice and thin, lucky girl.

I'm only 5' tall, and I dearly wanted my children to be taller than me. Don is 6'5", so there's not much chance the kids would be shorter than me. Seonaid is 5'6", and Rhys is 6' at the last count and still growing. At least I have someone to reach things down from high shelves.

Our Mum turned 84 today, so we rang her and had a long chat. That's not a bad innings for anyone, and she is still healthy and feisty and determined to keep doing things her way. Good one Mum!

The quilt picture today is a quilt that Mereth pieced years ago and gave to me to quilt. I love the colours in this quilt, and the block is a favourite too. I like collaborating on quilts, it's a lot of fun.

Time to toddle off and watch Lore'n'Order SVU. If it weren't for those shows I wouldn't watch any TV at all, except for House. We recently watched the Blackadder series again, and it's impossible to equate that Hugh Lawrie with House. Some weird sort of alchemy went on there....


mereth 3:51 AM  

It's nice to see that quilt again, I didn't have a photo of the top. I've completely forgotten some things I've made, thanks for jogging my memory!

Darcie 7:14 AM  

Your quilting teamwork with your Sis is quite a success. Your quilt is lovely!

Your daughter is a doll. Young girls over here in America are wearing theirs -- we call them sweaters -- that tiny. In fact, some of the *style* shows on TV (my twin daughters are into watching fashion-minded TV shows) suggest going to the childrens department for certain items. Who can figure?!

The quilt tops that you're piecing up are lovely, Keryn! Beautiful fabric choices!

Quiltgranny 3:36 PM  

I love the colors and the geometrics of this quilt. Beautiuful piecing!

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