Thursday, February 08, 2007

I try not to be superstitious. It's such a silly foible to have, believing in omens and knocking on wood and worrying. My great-grandmother was extremely superstitious, and my great-uncle once caused her to faint dead away by wearing black and opening an umbrella inside her house. Still, I have never been able to put new shoes on the table without experiencing a feeling that I'm pushing the envelope in some way. (Extreme bad luck will result...) I refrain from running in, screaming, from another room when my daughter is about to put the new shoebox on the kitchen table.

But in yesterday's post, when I said my new project was simple and should be whipped up in a few days I did wonder if I'd jinxed myself. And I knew I had when I discovered that I had only half of the blocks that I'd made, and the rest were completely AWOL. So I spent most of yesterday wandering around contemplating where on earth they could be, and tearing apart every cupboard and set of drawers trying to find the container. I knew where it was before I moved back into my downstairs sewing room; I just didn't know where it was now.

Logically, it always has to be in the last place you look, because once you find it you stop looking. And late in the afternoon I contemplated, yet again, the shelves in the cupboard containing all my backing fabrics. I knew that it was the most logical place for me to have stored the box of blocks, but they weren't there. In a flash of insight I realised that the material didn't reach all the way to the back of the cupboard, leaving a space....

I'm glad to have found the wretched blocks, cross to have wasted a day looking for them, and musing over the fact that it was both the first place I looked for them, as well as the last.


mereth 4:17 PM  

I laughed at this! How typical of our type of organisation.
And you forgot to mention that Uncle Ned wore a long black DRESS and carried the umbrella down the hall and that he was immensely tall and thin. He must have looked like Mrs Death herself to poor Nin.

joyce 5:12 AM  

That's always the way with lost items. They are where they should be and you just didn't see them. Or else they are in some totally illogical place and you can't figure out how you could have possibly put them there.

Shelina 10:16 AM  

I laughed with you too - sometimes I feel I jinx myself too when I say something is going well. The good news is that you found them - and maybe got to fondle some fabric you had forgotten along the way. And your jinx is now over.

Helen 10:39 AM  

Ain't that always the way?

Carol 12:40 PM  

You made me laugh...I am forever putting things in very safe places, totally makes sense when I put them there, but then it takes a day of searching to find them again. We are all so alike :)

YankeeQuilter 6:49 AM  

When this happens to me DH always reminds me what Sherlock Holmes says, "when you have elimanated the possible then only the impossible must be true." (at least that is the gist of it..meaning that if my reading glasses are not next to the couch or the sewing machine they are in the car where my driving glasses should be....)

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