Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another set of blocks turned into a finished top, and it didn't take long despite my false start.

This quilt actually came about because of the quilt on Lois' bed in Malcolm In The Middle. I only caught a fleeting glimpse of it, but liked the pinwheels and the brown stripe setting blocks. I couldn't find just the right brown stripe, but this browny-pink dotted geometric looks pretty good too.

This one isn't very big either, 60" x 76", a nice single bed size. I was sorely tempted to make it big enough for at least a double bed, but sanity prevailed. No more big quilts for a while yet. And now I have leftovers to go into my orphan block quilt.

I pulled out all my lonely blocks and UFOs that I will never complete, and sorted them into piles. I have a pile of blue/black/grey/white blocks, a heap of multicoloured cheerful ones, and another lot that are more antiquey colours with a lot of brown and green. It's very confusing and overwhelming to look at such a strange and motley collection, and I was tempted to stuff them all back into the drawer again. But I didn't, and I will let the antiquey ones sit on my design wall for a few days until they start talking to me. They will have to, in the end. Resistance is futile.....


Joyce 5:12 AM  

I love the way this quilt turned out. I specially like the paisley border. Double is a nice size. Not too much quilting to do.

Diana 6:21 AM  

Hi Keryn, I love the colors you use in your quilts. This one is a beautiful finish--the paisley really sets it off.

mereth 12:49 PM  

I wanted to make that quilt too,but now I don't have to.
And you wouldn't know a borg if it was trying to assimilate you- you non-trekky you!!!

Darlene 8:47 PM  

I love it! Such a pretty quilt. I love your use of color!

YankeeQuilter 12:58 AM  

This came out wonderful...I've always been tempted to make the quilt on Sally's bed in When Harry Met Sally. Maybe it is just because I like the movie so much?!

Good luck with the orphan blocks...they'll start talking soon.


Shelina 9:16 AM  

This is a pretty quilt. I really like the border fabric. Congratulations on finishing the top. I too have a bunch of leftover blocks. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.

Lucy 1:11 AM  

I love this antique looking quilt ! Nice pattern nice fabrics :-)

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