Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I finished this top last week; it's some leftovers from my Showgrounds quilt. It's about 60 x 70", a nice single bed size, and it will be quilted and sent to Christine for the Bushfire appeal. I have several single bed ones ready to go; there are still many more needed, so we are having another sewing day with our group on Monday.

We took a trip to Jamestown and visited the fabric shop, Charlene's; when the owner, Elaine, found out about the blocks we're making she donated four 1kg bags of scraps. Mereth and I are pretty hardened when it comes to scraps, but we came close to being overwhelmed that day! We already have one quilt assembled, and are still sorting out the next ones, but there must be enough for 4 or 5 quilts in that lot. Lots of it is VERY bright, which is good, because not everyone likes our muted, reproduction fabrics. We should have some nice, modern quilts from this lot, and it will be fun to show Elaine the results of her generosity.

Last patchwork meeting our friend Bev was complaining that the computer screen on her machine was fading and she could hardly read it and it would have to go and be repaired. It's a similar model to my Janome so I could tell her that it had a dial to adjust the brightness of the LCD. She was so grateful that she dropped in the other day with this enormous bunch of roses, and a dozen eggs from her free-range chickens. The eggs didn't last long, a few omelettes took care of them, but the roses are getting better every day. They are just magnificent.My Busy Bee machine has been christened Queenie, and is just delightful. When I investigated her drawers I found two Accessories tins, absolutely pristine, containing spare parts and also these individually boxed feet. None of my other machines ever had the feet in the original boxes; what a treasure.

And they are helpfully labelled, in case I didn't know what they were, and they have an instruction book. I'm well pleased.

While in Adelaide I couldn't resist the lure of a couple of garage sales. At one I found this McCalls book, in very good condition; I have a soft spot for McCalls, as they published quilt patterns when no-one else did, and were the basis of my quilting knowledge for many years.
Anyway, look what was in there; my next needlework project. I may make a cushion like this; I've always wanted a couch full of needlepoint cushions. But I've always wanted a wall full of pictures too. I'll decide later...


Stephanie Newman 3:46 PM  

Oh my! How amazing was it to find that little doggy on the cushion, the answer to your desires? And those boxed feet for the are the queen of winning ebay machines! I have often looked but with so many no-delivery machines and living in Tas my chances of acquiring oldies but goodies is quite limited.

pdudgeon 5:25 PM  

everything looks just beautiful!
and that cushion is so sweet!

meggie 5:50 PM  

A very full & interesting post! You have been busy as usual.
I loved the roses, & what a lovely gift with the eggs!
The dog is cute.

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