Sunday, March 29, 2009

I put the borders on this quilt over the weekend, now I just have to sort out the backing and it can go on the frame in between customer quilts. It looks very warm and autumny, and it large enough for a queensize bed. It will be donated to Christine for the bushfire appeal.

I wish I had kept an accurate count of the fabric I've used up lately, because the borders and bindings sof these quilts have used up swathes of material. Which is just as well, as my own sewing is just nibbling away at the stash. I have 5 more Jane Stickle blocks finished, and 4 more prepped for applique. I'm just loving these blocks, they are so sweet and intriguing. Some of them are torturous, but it's a challenge to make something other than the usual patchwork. I'm sure some blocks will have me begging for mercy, but I haven't come to them yet.I'm chained to the computer doing new designs for release at the Machine Quilters Showcase in May, and my mood alternates between happy concentration and downright grumpiness. I'm making progress, but it feels like nothing else gets done while I'm in design mode. To make it worse, the garden is basking in the autumn sunshine and I know I should be out there, planting the bulbs and seeds before it gets too cold. I will have to take a day off and just get it done.

They say that learning new things helps keep the mind young; to that end, I decided that I would learn to play the recorder, properly, having found an old one in the boxes of things that Mereth's boys left in my hall. Poor Mereth has been subjected to the most miserable, wretched noises imaginable, as I ploughed through the book of tunes that came with it. Even I can't stand to play Cockles and Mussles one more time; erch! But I'm getting there, and it's sounding less like a demented banshee, and more like music. She still turns pale and leaves the room if I pick up the recorder, but it sounds OK a few rooms away. I have to practise at her place, because the dog next door howls in sympathy if I play it here. Such fun for my neighbours.

Today I bought a new toy, an Irish Black Whistle. It is tuned to the key of D, which makes it easier to play, and the fingering is much more straightforward than the recorder. It plays lower notes, and sounds much more mellow, and best of all, the dog next door just sits and listens. I will never be good enough to play in front of anyone, but it's keeping me amused.


Ann 8:32 AM  

How exciting for you to learn to play the recorder. My young niece started with recorder and then moved on to the oboe and eventually a college music scholarship -- who knows where this will lead you!

pdudgeon 12:56 PM  

ROTFLOL, oh my, i was sooo laughing in sympathy as i was reading your blog. As a teenager i took up the acoustic guitar and played it for hours, practicing and singing lots of folk songs mixed in with protest songs. I probably thought i was gonna take on the whole world armed with an acoustic guitar!
Meanwhile i love that quilt!!! all the fabrics look so great together. it must be such fun to remember the stories of the strips as you sewed them up.

*karendianne. 11:46 AM  

I love your donation quilt! It's fantastic.

sewprimitive karen 10:47 AM  

Good for you to learn a new instrument. You could post a recording on your blog, eh :-) ? Loving your DJs!! especially that upper right hand corner one, he's a little dickens.

julieQ 11:02 AM  

As the mom of a musician, I can well appreciate Mereth's distress! Hee! I love that you have been making "fire" quilts, good for you. Your dear Jane blocks are so nice...can't wait to see that one!

bingo~bonnie 6:45 AM  

ooough I la,la,LOVE this quilt - very pretty fall colors indeed! This pattern would be a good one to keep in mind for a scraps to treasures challenge that my friends on the quilter's message board do each year. I've not participated in the past but am thinking about joining them for their 5th year next year.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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