Sunday, April 05, 2009

My workspace seems to have been swallowed up by all the donated scraps for the bushfire quilts, but we are setting up a system to deal with them. We're handing some on to a friend to cut into strips, and then we'll package up kits with instructions for the other girls at the patchwork group. They can sew as many as they like, and it will be a good way to spread the fun of working with these diverse fabrics and simple blocks. And I will get my floor and table back.

We are using this book to plan some of the kits; it's a great way to make short work of the blocks. Everything in this book is made of 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles, so we can cut everything into that size and worry about the layout of the blocks later.
These are some of the light blocks from the quilt on the cover; we're making the dark ones as well, but I love how subtle and soft these are set edge to edge. We can do several variations with the scraps we have on hand.

The other two tops are now quilted, and they will go in the post at the end of the week. I'm taking the opportunity to quilt them with my newly designed pantos, and so far everything looks really good. The autumn toned top was quilted with a design called Oaken, and the blue one has Maidenhair on it. As soon as I get them up on the website I will add links to them.Can we just say that I am Busy!!

Tomorrow I go to Adelaide to pick up my DS, who is staying for a fortnight. I'll have to brush off my culinary skills and try to keep him well fed. I'm sure I haven't forgotten how, but I rarely cook a regular meal with meat and three veg anymore. This omelette is more my thing; it's full of cheese, homegrown capsicums, spring onions and spinach, and it was fantastic. I make a huge 6 egg omelette, and save half for the next day. Because I eat my eggs on the undercooked side, heating it up the next day doesn't overcook it. Gosh, I know I shouldn't tempt fate with uncooked egg products, but I'm pretty lazy and it's like I get two meals for the effort of one.

I have a ton of work to do before tomorrow, but DS has clean sheets and a tidy room waiting for him, and there's food in the fridge so he will be happy. I just hope he's understanding about my recorder practise. Seeing as he's a bonafide musician it might be more than he can handle! And I just know that he'll be horrified at the state of my laptop, all clogged and un-defragged, but tidying it up will give him something to do.


sewprimitive karen 4:33 AM  

Hi, Keryn, interesting that an omelette would keep, I'll have to try that. Have a good visit with your son; you'll be busy cooking!

dianne 6:36 AM  

Oaken is so cool! love those oak leaves!

that omelet is looking goo-oood, too ... and it is time for breakfast in colorado - think i'll go fix myself something to eat

YankeeQuilter 10:20 AM  

I am always making enough food for more than one DH claims I am the queen of leftovers!

Have fun with your DS!

Mary-Kay C. 10:23 AM  

Maybe he can give you some tips on your practicing. Or maybe he'll just walk around with headphones on. Your omelet looks delicious and I think I'm going to have that for supper tonight.

Kucki68 8:02 AM  

I always loved that book, have to get to those quilts one day.

meggie 12:26 AM  

I love omelettes, that would suit me fine!
Love your Oaken, & love the idea of all those quilts coming together at the right time- coming winter.

Dineke 11:45 PM  

The simple blocks just look great. I know the quilts your group make will have a warm welcome.

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