Monday, April 20, 2009

The wedding was wonderful, everything went flawlessly, and we all had a fabulous time. The guys met at our apartment to get dressed, and I chanelled my Mum's spirit when I saw the shoes they were planning on wearing. 'Are you going to clean those?' I asked, and they looked blank. They had already put on their suits, so I sat and cleaned 5 pairs of shoes while they tried to make their ties look as if they were that way on purpose. It was quite hysterical to watch their consternation and the failed attempts. But eventually every tie was knotted properly, shirts were tucked in, sparkling shoes laced on and they looked magnificent.
Elisa was gorgeous, but she's gorgeous in a pair of trackpants. It was a lovely relaxed ceremony, and afterwards everyone blew bubbles instead of throwing confetti.

It was a magical effect, just enchanting. We still have the bubble blowers,and they make wonderful big bubbles. I just wish I had the skills to capture them in photos properly.
My nieces, SIL, Suzy, and I made sure that the confetti tradition lived on, by filling Rob's suitcase with it. Suzy is quite diabolical, and made sure to fill the pockets of his jackets and pants, and even inside socks. Bwa ha ha ha!

The time went so quickly, and now it's all back to normal, if normal even exists. Tomorrow I will be back in the workroom, putting a quilt on the frame, but for now I'm on my second glass of wine and about to put my feet up for the night. It's good to be back home.


Tazzie 5:13 AM  

Such lovely pictures, and wasn't it a gorgeous day? I'll never forget your Son's anniversary, it's the same as mine!

antique quilter 7:20 AM  

what a beautiful day they had and oh my I Love the bubbles here they throw bird seed now.
Glad everything went well.
bet you will be happy back in the work room tomorrow

sewprimitive karen 10:20 AM  

Wow, wonderful pictures. The bubbles...what a fantastic idea, they look so pretty.

Mary-Kay C. 10:41 AM  

I think you managed to capture the bubbles quite well with the camaera. The confetti is the hardest thing to get rid of. One time, my sister put in the car vents and the couple never knew it was there until months later when they turned on the heat in the car. Out comes all this confetti. What fun!

pdudgeon 4:45 PM  

love the confetti in the suitcases!! those pics are lovely and so are the bubbles. i'll bet that was lots of fun.

Anonymous,  11:08 PM  

I'm glad the day was perfect. I love bubbles at weddings!

meggie 3:18 PM  

Lovely photos. Bubbles are a fantastic idea... & no mess to clean up.

Quilty Cat 12:05 AM  

Beautiful photos and the bubbles are a great idea. Bubbles are such a happy thing...people always smile at bubbles being blown. Carmel

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