Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm sewing a simple Pyramid quilt at the moment, from fabric that was gifted to me by my friend Terry in Perth, when I went to stay with her. It's the Metro Blue range, and I enthused so much over it that she gave me a whole bag of scraps left over from a quilt she'd made. And then I felt terribly guilty, as if I'd badgered her into giving them to me. It was silly to think that, but I'm not entirely rational sometimes. Anyway, I decided that I would sew them into a donation quilt, and Terry can have the pleasure of knowing she helped create a quilt for someone in need, and I get the fun of working with these fabrics, without any guilt whatsoever.

I don't have many fabrics in my stash that go with these distinctive colours, so it's a bit of a struggle to stretch the scraps into a full size quilt. I may have to buy a few aqua and brown FQs, but that's no hardship. I'm liking the way it's looking, and I'm debating whether to throw in a few red patches, as I quite like the red of the table underneath. I'll decide that later.
I finished up the design work that I had to do, so I had a bit of a holiday today, cooking and pottering around the kitchen, and sewing a bit. Tomorrow will be a garden day, as I have a bucket full of cuttings to pot up. I went to a garage sale at a deceased estate, and plucked up my courage to ask if I could have some cuttings from the garden, and was told to take what I wanted. So Mereth and I went back later, to wander around the neglected garden and rescue some of the beautiful lillies and geraniums and chrysanthemums. It's so sad to see gardens struggling to survive. I'm at least giving some of the plants a second chance. My Mum would be proud of me; she kept secateurs in her bag, just in case she saw a nice plant on her walks and the owner said she could have a bit.

And there was puppy visiting......

I'm still not sure if I have a favourite, they are all so cute, and very cuddly. They just want to sit and snuggle, which is lovely. I'm sure that's just a phase, and they will turn into yapping, chewing dynamos soon.

But look at these little faces!

This little boy has already been sold, he's the handsomest I think.But I love this pensive girl; surely she'd never chew up slippers or behave badly. She wouldn't!!


Bonnie 6:57 AM  

Nice pyramids.... but the puppies steal the show. By chance are they English Springer Spaniels? Please tell all. Are you getting one? How old are they? They are adorable.

We've put in to adopt a rescued springer spaniel... just waiting for one to be ready to adopt! Bonnie from

pdudgeon 8:51 AM  

yep, i think some double pink triangles here and there would look great in that new quilt!

Oh the puppies!!! they're just sooooo cute.

sewprimitive karen 1:35 PM  

What a great post. Love the comment about liking the brown of the table, etc. And the gardening story; aren't you glad you asked for some cuttings, what fun to wander in an old neglected garden looking for treasures.

Brenda 3:16 PM  

That little white face is gorgeous. Are you going to have one of the puppies?

Lori in South Dakota 9:17 PM  

The pyramids are wonderful. And I love the story over the cuttings. I have moved my rhubarb several times, it originally came from roots from my great aunt and uncle. So many memories when I see it. And the puppies, well, you can't resist faces like that! And I'm sure that little girl puppy would NEVER chew anything important!

meggie 4:47 PM  

Oh those puppies! I have just watched the video over at Keryn's. They are beautiful!

YankeeQuilter 5:38 PM  

That little girl is the one I just fell in love with in Keryn's video!

The quilt top is great...I think I would throw in a few zinger fabrics like pink, red or!

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