Friday, April 24, 2009

There are two more Dear Jane blocks finished, and I've decided to spend a large part of the weekend prepping as many blocks as possible. I can get quite a lot done in odd moments, so long as all the fabric is chosen and patterns ready and applique shapes prepared. It's quite tedious doing all those things, so it's better if I play a good DVD and just resign myself to all those fiddly decisions about what to use where. I still love making these; some of the blocks seem impossibly small, but once you've actually made them it's a thrill of achievement.

In other spare moments this weekend I plan to put a quilt on Millhouse, just simple quilting while I work on something else. I'd like to cut into this pile of scraps that I bought from the quilt shop in Moonta. It's closing down, which is devestating news to us, as it's our favourite shop for reproduction prints. These scraps are all offcuts from kits, and most of the fabrics are entirely new to me, as I don't tend to buy these prettier fabrics. I want to rummage through them and start making blocks right away, without any idea of what sort of quilt I want to make. Does that sound like a good plan?

As for puppies.... They are Playing now, and it's so cute. They do a lot of this.
and this. and this.

Poor Macca is being bothered by a Plague of Puppies, but he's unfailingly gentle and good-natured with them. And they just can't leave him be. As for Bonnie, well she mostly runs as far away as she can. She's more a Good Time Girl than a good mother; but she did all the right things when it was necessary, so I guess we can forgive her. I don't know that I'd want 7 offspring climbing all over me. We all have our limits.


sewprimitive karen 10:36 PM  

How life changes when you become a parent lol. Go Dear Jane Go.

pdudgeon 4:01 AM  

i recognize that cream fabric with the roses! i had yardage of the same print in a cocoa brown background.It's a wonderful old Robyn Pandolph design,and those blues in the pile also look to be hers.
those pups are sure growing!

YankeeQuilter 8:05 PM  

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow!

Henrietta 12:17 AM  

Dear Macca
You play you pay but those are some fine looking pups aren't they?

dianne 12:35 PM  

i feel your pain - our closest local quilt shop closed their doors at the end of march - it is so sad to know that there will be no more fat quarter fridays or quick escapes for fabric eye candy ...... but i think you have a great plan for the reproduction prints!

meggie 12:01 AM  

I love those pretty fabrics!! Drooling in the keyboard.
Macca is a very patient Dad.The puppies look very plump, so Bonnie must have given them an excellent start!

Sandy 2:28 AM  

Awww such cute puppies :) Great blog!

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