Saturday, May 02, 2009

I've been busy with the Dear Jane blocks, and have 40 finished, which rather surprised me. I didn't think I'd finished nearly 1/4 of the blocks; I'm going to slow down a bit, I want this to be a long term project, not something I gallop through at great speed and hardly remember doing. I mean to enjoy the journey with this quilt.

That block in the middle of the top row nearly killed me; it's fairly straightforward, if tiny and complicated, and it took me about 3 hours to do. If I EVER do another Dear Jane I will substitute a 4 patch for this block, I never want to make it again.

Last week was busy, lots of things to do, including taking all seven pups and Bonnie to the vet in Pirie for immunisations. They all behaved impeccably, and a lady in the waiting room fell in love with this girl, Panda, and bought her. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth from Mereth, because Panda was her favourite, but she's gone to a great home. She will have an older lady dog to mother her, and a German Shepherd pup to play with, a 5 year old boy as her master and is going to sleep on his bed every night. I'd say she's fallen into a life of luxury.

But Mereth still misses her....

There was a trip to the Moonta patchwork shop with the Sonias, and we had a wonderful day out. Everything at the shop was 50% off, so we did our duty and bought quite a bit of it. This is my haul, and I'm just waiting for a spare moment so I can pet it and put it away in the stash baskets. It's gorgeous stuff.
And today I finished this top, at last. It's been a bu**er to make, it fought me every inch of the way, but at last it's in one piece. I caused half the trouble myself by ironing the seams in different directions for each row. That didn't work at all, because I kept changing my mind and putting bits in different rows, and then all the seams didn't nest properly. Finally I bit the bullet and ironed every seam to the dark side, and they fit into each other perfectly. I knew to do that, but I just forgot somehow. I had one awful seam where I just had to mash all the allowances flat, but after that it was easy.
I'm glad I put the red in there, it would have been dull without it. It's due to go on Millhouse later this week, and then off to the bushfire appeal.

I'm off to Mereth's house for a roast dinner, and to watch some Inspector Morse episodes. I love Morse, and I've never seen any of them until now, so it's a real treat to have 2 whole DVDs of them.

These are the only two puppies not spoken for;

Dollyand Pansy. Anyone want to give them a good home?


Lori in South Dakota 7:10 PM  

I'm lucky you're so far away, I don't think I could have resisted a puppy. I can see why Mereth will miss Pansy--she has such adorable eyes! Do you have a soft colored quilt planned? Most of your fabric looked quite "soft". I love reproductions.

pdudgeon 8:18 PM  

the blocks are beautiful! the one that gave you a hard time is my favorite of the lot, lol.
the fabrics are lovely and i recognize one or two that were in my stash as well.
the pups are soooo cute! I'll bet the last two find good homes as well.
that thousand pyramids quilt is realy smashing with the red in it. Great Job. looking forward to seeing how you quilt that one.

Yvette 10:44 PM  

Your Dear Jane blocks are wonderful! Are you hand piecing them?

The puppies are just too cute!!!! I can't resist a puppy, you can tell since I have 3 of them. LOL What kind of puppies are they?

Mary,  1:59 AM  

Your pyramid quilt is abolutely stunning. I love the way the red accents it and really sets it off. I'll have to add this to my list of wannados!

antique quilter 4:21 AM  

oh your blocks look wonderful.
The puppies are getting so big!
Ah yes she is going to be sorry she didn't adopt pansy, she is adorable, look at that face!

great pyramid quilt, I have one cut out and I am tempted to cut off the tips to make it easier to piece together!
ah yes the ironing is so important for these quilts to make it easier on us sewing it together!

Bernadette 11:27 AM  

I still have that block left to do as my last in row B! You are really motoring ahead on your blocks I can't believe you have done so many already. The quilt is to die for and it is also on my to do list. I just need to decide whether it will be random or blues/browns or pink/browns!

Marianne 11:29 AM  

Oh I so feel for Mereth! What a sweetie that Panda is. She must simply console herself that Panda is going to a wonderful home. A 5 year old boy- what a treat for Panda!

Henrietta 12:12 PM  

I would take Dolly in a New York minute, I have had my eye on her from the beginning. Staffies are such wonderful dogs, I have fond memories from childhood.

tami 1:53 PM  

Awww. They look so sad, almost like they knew they weren't spoken for yet.
Your Dear Jane blocks are beautiful. That one does look like quite a challenge.

sewprimitive karen 3:13 AM  

Dolly and Pansy look sad that they haven't gotten picked yet, poor babies. That DJ block that you don't like is the one I did over because I thought there wasn't any contrast in the two fabrics...found it a few days ago and thought it looked OK ha. Didn't you even mind doing the first one on Apr. 24th? That's the one that I hate.

Mary Johnson 6:02 AM  

Love the pyramid quilt. I'm going to start cutting one for myself soon and I'll have to keep in mind the issues you had with your seams and try to avoid that same hassle.

meggie 9:31 AM  

I could never have the patience to make Dear Jane blocks!
I love the blue pyramids, & yes, the red is perfect.
I would love to have Dolly, she is a little doll! I am sure they will find lovely new homes.

YankeeQuilter 1:53 AM  

Pansy has a great stance and such pretty markings...I'm sure she will find a new home soon! Your pyramid quilt top looks are right about the red making the other fabrics pop!

julieQ 11:39 AM  

Yes, I want a puppy, but unfortunately cannot come across the world to get one. I love your little quilt, so pretty, and all your dear Jane blocks too. Surprising that you already have 40 done!

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