Thursday, May 28, 2009

We had to run an errand yesterday, and made a small detour to Stone Hut for lunch. We took Macca and Dolly for the ride. Amazingly, both of the other puppies have gone to new homes, so now there's only Dolly left. I'm glad that other families will get to enjoy Macca's lovely offspring, and Dolly is enjoying having her Dad to herself.

Who would have thought that dogs like Rock Cakes so much? They begged for every last bit, and hoovered up the crumbs. It's no secret how to get a Staffie's attention; food will do it every time.

Back at home after our little outing, I finished quilting this little quilt of Mereth's. I designed all the motifs and border just for this, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I seldom get to quilt things for us anymore, too busy with all the rest of the computer work, so it was a pleasure to get this done. I only have about 20 more waiting in the wings.And in isolated moments when I'm sick of doing all the dutiful work I sew a few of these donation blocks. The fabric was a stack of red and black and white samples donated by Elaine in Jamestown, and the blocks are going together very quickly. Soon there will be another quilt to add to the pile of tops.


antique quilter 4:35 PM  

ok so what are rock cakes?
Dolly is just adorable, does this mean she is officially living with you now?
I love the way you quilted in the stars and the alternate block, beautiful design.
glad you had time to work on something of your own (ok, Mereths!)
The quilt looks great.

sewprimitive karen 6:13 PM  

What a beautiful photo of their two faces. The quilt is so pretty!!

Andrea 6:24 PM  

Oh how I love that quilt ! Beautiful colours, patterns and amazing quilting.

pdudgeon 11:23 PM  

yea, what Kathie said! both the quilt and the custom quilting are beautiful! so glad that you get to keep dolly.

meggie 7:53 AM  

That beautiful blues quilt! The quilting is just fantastic. I would love a talent like yours.
Dolly is so sweet.

YankeeQuilter 11:07 AM  

Dolly is she staying?

Love the quilting on the blue quilt...

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