Friday, May 22, 2009

Last week Mereth and I went off to Adelaide yet again, to collect another couple of machines that I won on Ebay. One was this Singer 185, in pristine condition. I have to wire another plug onto this, as the one it had was incompatible with Australian sockets. I haven't been able to sew with this yet, but it's absolutely spotless and beautifully cared for, so I imagine it will sew well. It's a backup in case Mereth's beloved 185 ever stops sewing. For $25 it was a bargain.I love the old paper tag attached to the cover...
I also bought this 1960s Singer for $23, a little the worse for wear, but still functional. I love this crackle finish on it, so 60s, and it was all the rage in my childhood. This would have been a top-of-the-range machine in it's day.

Most importantly, it had it's manual, and I really wanted that. Last year I bought a close cousin of this machine, a 631, and I use it as a backup for my 201. There was an intruiging part that came with it, which I later discovered was a chainstitch accessory. But I had no idea how it was used; that's where this machine and it's manual come in. It has the same accessory, and it fits into the bobbin area, with a special chainstitch plate. Eh voila! Now it sews a chainstitch instead of a lockstitch. It's like magic.
I had no idea that there were machines that could do both; it would be great for tacking clothing parts together, so easy to undo. Alas, I can't think of anything I can use it for right now, but I'm glad I know all about it. One less mystery in my life. I may even embroider something in chainstitch, that would look good I'm sure.

While I tinkered with my machines this morning, up at the hall, Dolly kept vigil behind Mereth's chair. She is never far away from either of us, she just loves company.


Karen 10:09 AM  

My first good sewing machine was the "Golden Singer"! Sewed very well, though I stripped gears a couple times on it from sewing so much on it.

pdudgeon 11:41 AM  

congrats on your new machines! Dolly looks like she's making herself right at home and keeping a keen eye on things.
is a special deoggy bed or quilt in the works for her yet?

Tazzie 12:48 PM  

Cute sewing machines Keryn, I love that you're always ready to give a golden oldie a new home. I covet a black Singer 301 - I'll find one some day.
Dolly is adorable, and so photogenic!

quiltmom anna 1:24 PM  

I learned to sew on the 1960's Singer- boy does that bring back memories- It was a nicer machine than what I had at home - my memory says it was one that we sewed on at school in the late 60's ( probably not that model) The one I sewed on had a built in button holer - When I made clothing I dreamed of having a machine that had a built in buttonholer.
I don't make clothing anymore or rarely and I have a very nice Elna Quilter's Dream to piece my quilts on..
Thanks for the memories

Anonymous,  4:54 PM  

Oh Karen....I have read your blog for a couple years....I use a longarm machine too, and I use a chainstitch machine to sew my quilts to the leader on with, because I hate pins that poke me... I love it for that purpose alone..Wonderful machines, my main machine is Singer 501a A Rocketeer Machine!

Jay in Nebraska in America, lol

Chookyblue...... 6:46 PM  

you amaze me with your machines.........I hope you start writing a book on where they all came from and any stories you get from them.........
also stories from your trips to get them I am sure there would be some interesting happening there........
goodluck with your repairs

Brenda 1:58 PM  

I'm in love with Dolly. Lovely that you kept one of the litter.

meggie 3:17 PM  

I love reading about your machines! I must send you a pic of one I got for $5, & seeing I had enough 'spares' I gave it to my lovely neighbours.
Dolly is such a sweet girl! Love the name!

Stephanie Newman 8:12 AM  

Oooh Keryn, nice machine acqisitionns! You do have the best luck finding them, lucky you can drive to pick them up. Wouldn't that chain stitch attachment embellish garments nicely? The 185 is a sweet machine, I didn't know they have flip out lids for extension tables, very cool.

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