Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 rows of the Dear Jane blocks are complete, and I'm adding the sashing as I go along. I would hate to face that job at the end, so I will join them as I make them and it won't be so overwhelming. I like how it's looking, and Judie Rothermel was nice enough to send me two more FQ packs of her latest releases, so I have plenty of wonderfukl new reproductions to play with. But these blocks will be going away for a while, as I'm too busy to conentrate on them for a while.

In two weeks I'll be at the Craft Expo in Sydney, so I have to get organised and everything up to date before I leave. My head is spinning with all the extra work, and if I do any sewing it needs to be very easy and mindless.

At night I go round to Mereth's to work on my crocheted afghans, which I'm enjoying mightily. It's so easy, and the colours are such fun. Someone else is enjoying it too.
I think it's time that Mereth owns up to adopting Dolly. We're sort of sharing her, as during the day she is in her crate in my office, while Mereth quilts in the workroom. She's extraordinarily good, just sleeps and goes outside for walkies. I've never met such a placid, cuddly puppy. Even if she has a play and gets quite beside herself with excitement she calms down immediately if she's asked to. It's not natural.

Did you know that Staffies are lap dogs? I didn't either, but Dolly assures me that SHE is a lap dog alright.


pdudgeon 6:38 AM  

awwww, it's wonderful when the puppies have such wonderful temperments like that.

your Dear Jane blocks are looking good!!!

Jenni 9:06 AM  

Oh so gorgeous! I wish I could have one as I love puppy breath. Sadly we are only allowed 2 dogs here and I am at my quota.

Karen 9:24 AM  

I wish I had three rows of DJ blocks. I don't even have one block made. Someday.

hetty 10:09 AM  

Dolly is so adorable! I guess the term lap dog is relative. For someone with a large lap, maybe. I love your DJ blocks. Sewing the sashing as you go is a good idea.

Jackie's Stitches 7:49 PM  

What a cute puppy!

How smart to sew the sashing on as you go!

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