Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have been sewing bindings for the Bushfire quilts, and rather than cut up more fabric I made scrap bindings from my box of leftovers. Not that you can tell. It's still full to the brim; I think that I will sew it all into one huge length and send it off to JanMac, to help her with the quilts that she is making. Having a pile of binding already made will be one less job for her.Last year, in my favourite junk shop, I found this immensely tall trestle ladder. I've always wanted a quilt ladder, so I bought it. Matt took off the hinges at the top and separated the two sides, so I have two like this, and then sanded them down and smoothed out all the splinters and loose edges. It fits into the workroom very well, as the ceilings are so tall. I will need to stand on another ladder to put a few quilts on the higher rungs. It's a lovely way to display quilts.
I needed a break from the computer this weekend, I'm busy finalising the three workshops I'm teaching at Sydney, and I'm sick of looking at computer screeens. So I pulled out a bunch of red and cream blocks that I sewed at our patchwork group meetings, and put them together with a piece of leftover backing from a customer quilt. I absolutely hated these blocks while I was making them, but now I like the finished top. It appears I have no judgment at all when it comes to half-finished projects. The best thing to do is to tell myself to shut up and keep sewing.


Louise SS 3:23 AM  

That is one pretty quilt! The red and the blue work so well together.
I am on the lookout for one of those ladders...maybe someday I will find one.

Jan Mac 8:13 AM  

Keryn, the binding will be a huge help with the quilts I'm finishing off for the bush fire quilts. Thank you so much for making some for them.
Hugs Jan Mac

Mary Johnson 9:39 AM  

I like this top too! I love blue as an alternate block.

I save binding leftovers too and last year sewed a big long, long section and sent it to one of our HeartStrings members who makes quilts for shelters. I was glad to use some of it up and to help her out too.

I just saw your square spiral quilted up on MQ Resources, a longarm list -- it looked gorgeous. I'm going to have to buy that pantograph!

Unknown 8:52 AM  

Hey! That is so cool! I'm a twin. But you know what's even weirder, I have cousins in Australia! Wonder if you know them.

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