Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm in transit right now, staying with my nephew in Adelaide and getting on the plane to Sydney tomorrow. I'm teaching a slew of workshops at the Craft Expo, and I've been finalising notes and class samples and arranging things to run smoothly while I'm gone. I just hope I've thought of everything, and if I haven't, well tough.Yesterday I finished quilting these little wholecloth samples, and that was a lot of fun. I love patchwork, but there's something very satisfying about quilting plain fabric where the designs show up so well. I just love making these patterns and working out easy ways to stitch them. Even on Millhouse they can't be quilted all in one pass, the quilt has to be rolled on and the next bit done, and it's an art to make it all match up perfectly. Or as near as you can get.

Who could ever get tired of feathers? I just love how classical they look, and they suit so many types of quilt. They are such fun to work with.
On Saturday it was a glorious day, so we went off to Bowman's Park for an afternoon walk. It was the end of autumn, so we thought we had better get in some quality outings while the weather was good. We walked up by the quarry, and along the top pf the ridge to the lookout. I love these trees and spinifex grass, and the clear blue autumn sky. So Australian.The view from the lookout was wonderful, and towards the eastern ranges it looked like a watercolour landscape, all soft and delicate. It's well worth the climb up.
I tried to get photos of Dolly, but I only have about 20 blurred images as she galloped here and there at great speed. With no other puppies she had the full brunt of Bonnie's and Macca's attention, and it was a bit overwhelming; she spent a lot of time racing around with them bowling her over and both trying to play with her. Parents can be a bit like that.

She's growing up so quickly, I just hope in two weeks time she'll still remember me. It's a long time in puppy time. I know she's Mereth puppy, but it's the closest I'll get to owning a dog for quite a while. She's has my highest praise; she's as good as a cat.


pdudgeon 3:54 AM  

ufff, i agree, getting the quilting to match up after you've rolled is what i'm working thru now. Hope you have a wonderful time at the Craft Expo and that your workshops go smoothly.

Dolly is so cute. in our family she would have earned the honor of being refered to as 'a real dog', having every quality one could wish for in a companion dog.

sewprimitive karen 5:01 AM  

Good luck at your workshops! What pretty landscapes and what a good dog Dolly is.

Anonymous,  8:36 AM  

Wow, your whole cloth samples are beautiful - I envy your talent!

tirane93 12:09 PM  

you know, with all the precious little puppy pictures you keep posting i sometimes forget that the reason i read your blog is because of your spectacular quilting!

meggie 11:18 PM  

Oh Keryn, your quilting is so gorgeous!!
Don't worry, I am sure Dolly will remember you. She is a gorgeous little girl!

julieQ 3:32 PM  

Your dogs are growing way to fast, where are those tiny puppies? :) I love your whole cloth wonders, so pretty.

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