Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This beautiful quilt was hanging at the Sydney show, and was made by Rhonda Coates. She and three friends stayed at Kaye's last night, and Rhonda kindly gave me permission to post the photo of her quilt. It's based on the Nearly Insane blocks, and is just the sort of quilt I like, very antique looking. I love it.

I saw some desirable things at the show. These wooden stamps are from Bali and were used to print Batiks. I had a hard time choosing just one to buy. I've always wanted a collection of them, and bought a simple edging one to start with; I hope to add more each year. The ones on the left are new, carved for the tourist market, and the ones on the right are older, used ones. I would rather have the old used ones. I'm in no hurry to amass a large colletion, so I'll just wait and buy nice ones when I see them.

And there was sock wool. Mereth and I can fight over who gets what when I get home.
I bought a few bits and pieces of material,some for Mereth and some for specific projects. Some of the shirtings are to make more blocks for Kaye's quilt. I love that pretty pink stripe, but I have no idea where I'll use it. I can see another Pretties quilt in my future.
Mereth would be proud of me, using up all these scrappy bits in Kaye's blocks. I love the look of them, I will make a few more tonight after tea I think. I don't know that Kaye will bother with all the tiny bits, so I'll try and get them all into blocks before I go home.

And as an aside, it's Freezing cold! Down to 1 degree overnight, and decidedly chilly in the mornings. I'm appreciating the electric blanket and the extra quilts on my bed.....


Kate 6:27 PM  

Hi - I just LOVE that quilt - so antique-y and beautiful...I wish I could see it in person...thanks for sharing.

Tazzie 11:59 PM  

Heavens above Keryn, I am certain that you and I share the exact same taste in fabric - seriously - the same!

sewprimitive karen 3:14 AM  

The stamps are very neat. So cold! Good thing you have lots of quilts :-).

pdudgeon 5:46 AM  

love seeing those quilts. that fabric is great--i love all of it too. yarn colors are to die for, and those leftover bits blocks are really great. if i had the patience you do i would have saved them too!
one degree is definitely cold!!!
we're getting into the hot days of Summer here, so while you're piling on the blankets and quilts i'm pealing them off, LOL.
so glad you got the chance to go to the quilt show and are sharing it with us.

Sarah 8:29 PM  

Great quilts at the show from the looks of your beautiful pics! Thanx for sharing
x Sarah

meggie 3:30 PM  

Another lovely post!

julieQ 3:27 PM  

I have just loved each nearly Insane quilt I have seen...and this on is especially pretty. Love the stamps! I have from so many of you Aussie ladies who are just freezing!

Pat 7:06 AM  

Karyn your Nearly Insane quilt is stunning. I love the colors you have chosen.

Karen 6:23 PM  

I am very interested in the quilt with the Nearly Insane blocks. This version seems to draw everything together and is very appealing to me. Thanks for posting the picture.

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