Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We were up early yet again, and on the road by 7am. The traffic reports were for long delays everywhere, so I went well prepared. I sat on the back seat of the van with a quilt and a pillow, a cup of coffee and my sock knitting , and I was perfectly happy for the two hours it took to get to Darling Harbour. We did try to go to our favourite shop, Quiltsmith, but the Navman took us to the wrong place, and there was no arguing with him, though Bruce did, as usual. Navman maintained we were at 75 Nelson St, but there was no shop there. If only we'd had a street directory we could have looked it up the old-fashioned way; I rather think we were in Nelson Lane instead.

It's so exciting to walk into a show early in the morning and start hunting down the things you want. The Busy Thimbles booth had lots of quilts that made me want to go home and start stitching straight away.

I took ages choosing things at Hatched and Patched, Anni Downes shop. We have quilted several of her Block of the Month designs for our customers, and they are just gorgeous. I fell in love with her appliqued wool ornaments, and bought patterns for several stitcheries.

I wanted to buy some gifts for friends, and some wool, and meet up with friends, and I did all that and more. It was busy without being crowded, and it was pleasant to see the quilt exhibition without loads of other people around. Unfortunately I can only post photos with the owners permission, so most of them I can't show,. However, this is Kaye's entry, and she doesn't mind me sharing it. It's a reproduction of an antique quilt, and it's just beautiful in real life.

I chatted to Annette Gero, who is the author of this stunning book, The Fabric of Society; Annette has been collecting antique quilts since1982 and is Australia's best-known quilt historian. The book is outstanding, and there were some of the original quilts hanging at the show. This chintz one was beautiful, but I really loved this faded, damaged old hexagon. Each hexagon was about 3/4" along the side, and many were pieced from smaller bits of fabric. Even worn and faded, it was still amazing.


sewprimitive karen 3:03 AM  

Oh, I love how the tiny hexagons are pieced, and so carefully, too.

Chookyblue...... 3:49 AM  

wished I was down in Syd again.........maybe next year........

pdudgeon 6:28 AM  

you're right, that hex quilt is intreguing. i haven't seen one set in srips like that one, but it's very effective. thanks for sharing with us.

Karen 7:48 AM  

I like what I see in the Busy Thimbles booth, too!

quiltmom anna 7:51 PM  

What a lovely show Keryn- Thanks for sharing your photos of the lovely quilts. There are some amazing pieces being shown there.
THe hexagon quilt is amazing - what a lot of work to create it. Some one would have devoted a great deal of time to make such a wonderful piece...
Your fabrics are gorgeous- I look forward to seeing some terrific new quilts out of them.

Brenda 10:57 PM  

I can't believe you bought the XMAS ornaments. I so wanted them and they were sold out. Anni is going to make me up a kit when she gets home

meggie 3:28 PM  

Thankyou for this post!

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