Sunday, June 07, 2009

My first post has taken nearly a week, as we were busy with the Trade show for the first two days, then recovering and getting ready for the Statler get together on Saturday. The internet at Camden has been down, which is very inconvenient. I haven't read my blog list for a week, it will take me forever to catch up.

The Finishing Touch booth looked very nice, and we caught up with lots of fellow machine quilters, and shop owners; I did a bit of buying for our little shop, and found some threads for Mereth to play with on Millhouse, so I had some fun besides doing the workshops.

I met up with the lovely Nic Bridges, who was teaching workshops also. She always looks fabulous, what a wonderful smile. I hope to catch up with her and Lisa Walton at the Sydney show on Wednesday. Kaye doesn't have a booth there this year, so we will just spend one day there and see the quilts and catch up with as many friends as possible.

The Statler get-together was fun and we learned a lot about the new software releases, and compared notes on how we do things. There were 9 laptops set up, with people concentrating very hard and trying to absorb all the new knowledge.It was a great day, and there were 15 of us at dinner that night. Kaye is such a superb hostess, I'm sure I couldn't seat that many people and feed them and keep them happy. Thanks Kaye!
Dawn and Cheryl (that's them in front of the laptop in the picture) and I have been staying since Tuesday, and to help earn our keep we offered to tidy up Kaye's fabric bins. At the same time we were looking through her books, and there was a gorgeous 9-patch that we all loved. None of us remember who suggested it, but somehow we came up with the idea of making it for Kaye; she agreed, but said only if we made blocks for ourselves as well. And so we've been sewing up a storm in every spare moment, working on our sets of blocks. We worked out a system and everyone had a job to do, and we've made great progress since this photo was taken. Kaye will have a new quilt without much effort on her part, and we've cleaned out a lot of scraps in her fabric bins. I'm channeling Mereth, and using up all the tiny offcut scraps to make totally scrappy blocks.

I've been sewing on Kaye's new baby, and it's a steep learning curve. It's such a lot of machine, and has so many functions that it takes me a while to get going, but it sews beautifully. I'd better enjoy this machine here, because I won't be getting one of my own for quite a while!

And lastly, a photo of Kaye's crazy quilt that she bought on Ebay. It's all silk and wool, dated 1886, and it's very beautiful, and very fragile. It's such a treat to be able to examine an antique quilt close up, and see the individual stitches and touch the fabric. I hope this beauty lasts another 100 years.

Internet willing, I'll be back tomorrow with another update.


sewprimitive karen 2:09 AM  

All so interesting, I'm wondering what nine-patch you saw. What fun it must have been to sew on that big new Bernina. Thank you for showing the crazy quilt, it's a honey.

pdudgeon 4:59 AM  

yes, which 9 patch, please? the blocks look great. i envy you, being able to paw thru such a great stash!

Paula, the quilter 5:33 AM  

I test drove one of those machines on Saturday. I would love to have one but the price (for me) is prohibitive. You are right on the learning curve. Plus, I found it made me slow down: I had to sit and wait on some of the features and my bifocals were troublesome in places because of the angles.

mereth 6:29 AM  

I'm so jealous that I'm missing out on all the fun, perhaps next year! Dolly is missing you, I don't cuddle her as much as you do and she'll be glad to see you when you get home.

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