Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sThis will just be a quick post, I've still got heaps of things to do before we leave tomorrow. I've been busy quilting, I finally loaded a top of my own, the pink and blue orphans, and quilted it.This is one of the new pantos, called Lida, and it worked up a treat, very quick to stitch and good coverage over the quilt. This is destined to become a new favourite I think.There has been puppy watching, they are getting so playful that it's easy to waste an hour just laughing at their antics. The ear-chewing looks excrutiatingly painful, especially when they throw in that characteristic Staffy head shake, like a tiny crocodile going for the death roll. Ouch! They get quite grumpy with each other at times.

This boy is beautiful, so placid and good-natured. They all are remarkably quiet and cuddly, they have wonderful natures. And no, I'm not having one; I rent the place I'm in now, and the landlady has no problems with me having a cat, but no dogs. Fair enough. I think I'm going to go get a cat right away, because I Need a pet to cuddle. And I don't think I'm a dog person really, I just like some dogs.

And for a total surprise, there was a knock on the door this morning, and it turned out to be our friend Robyn, from Queensland, down for the Scquilters Retreat in Adelaide. Her friend took her for a drive to Pirie, and she said 'My friends live somewhere around here....' and they managed to track us down. What good sleuthing. It was great to catch up with her, and it would be such fun to be going to the Retreat, but what can we say. There's this wedding.........


Anonymous,  5:16 PM  

I wish I had a quilting machine - the new panto is just gorgeous. Have fun at the wedding!

Jenni 9:18 PM  

You look so alike! I know you must hear it all the time, but I've not seen a photo of you both before. The quilting looks great, and those pups... I'm a real sucker for puppy breath!

meggie 12:04 AM  

Best Wishes to all concerned for the Wedding!!

Maggie A 3:16 AM  

Love the quilt and the new quilting pattern looks lovely.

pdudgeon 4:39 AM  

oh that panto is beautiful! wish i had a full sized quilting machine so i could use it. lol, someday...

those puppies are getting so big!
hav fun at the wedding, it looks like they've chosen a beautiful place to be married.

Bernadette 6:14 PM  

Love the new quilt and panto! I didn't realise Robyn was that tall...or is she lol. Staffy puppies are just gorgeous but my kitten was a lot less work than my son's staffy pup. What a beautiful setting for a wedding, that was the day I flew home.

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