Thursday, March 12, 2009

The latest issue of Homespun was in the mail yesterday, and I was surprised to see that I was on the cover; I'm a Covergirl at last!
When I posted my Half and Half quilt off for photography I had no idea of the adventures it would get up to; look at the beautiful blonde snuggling up to it!It's always fun to see your own familiar quilts in print, they look much more glamorous than when they're bundled over the back of the lounge.
Whenever I see my name in print like this I remember my darling FIL, who was very proud of the Emmerson heritage. When I came back from my first American trip, with photos of the Golden Threads booth emblazoned with my name, he was delighted to think that the Emmerson name was being displayed so prominently. He died two years ago, but I like to think he's still getting a smile out of this.

And Bonnie's in print too; what a lovely set of photos, and she looks gorgeous. She's a star, and Lucy's house is the perfect backdrop. Typical overachiever though; we come back from holidays with fuzzy photos to remind of the trip, she comes back with a magazine spread. And Lucy, your quilts are beautiful!

My friends, the two Sonia's, have been asking constantly about the state of the Showgrounds quilt, and seeing as they were due to come round for the evening I chained myself to the sewing machine and got the borders applied. It wasn't hard, but it was heavy work with all that fabric. I have to say I am thrilled with how it turned out, I love the border fabric so much I want another 10m of it straight away. Oh I'll have fun quilting this one!


Quiltycat 4:58 PM  

Congratualtions and well deserved on being a cover girl!
The Showgrounds quilt is magnificent. Am looking forward to seeing it quilted.I agree about the border fabric...definitely a must have. Carmel

pdudgeon 6:51 PM  

those are both showstopper quilts!!! congratulations on making the cover of the magazine. you definitely deserve it, and what a nice layout for the article.

Kathie 1:38 AM  

WOW congrats!!!!!
OH I hope I can find that magazine here in the USA
I LOve that quilt looks wonderful on the cover and I LOVE the latest quilt with the patch blocks of pinwheels and your right that border fabric is just beautiful.
what line is that I may need to track some down too!
I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your quilts

Maggie A 2:38 AM  

Love both quilts and congratulations on your fame

Chookyblue...... 2:46 AM  

love the quilt.........congrats cover girl.........

Tazzie 3:02 AM  

Congratulations Keryn, I'm just so thrilled for you. I'll have to run out and get myself a copy for sure. The quilts are just gorgeous!

Shasta 6:09 AM  

Congratulations Keryn! Well worthy of cover girl status.

Sheila 7:12 AM  

What a richly deserved cover and article. I've always wondered why more book and magazine publishers weren't beating down your door!

Stunning quilt, too. Just beautiful.

tami 11:36 AM  

Congratulations you cover girl you.
I wish it was easier to get Homespun magazine here in the states. I am going to keep my eyes out for it. I loved that quilt when you first posted it.

Bernadette 8:16 PM  

Lovely quilt, well done on the cover. I love all your quilts but the Showgrounds quilt I just adore and love the border too.

Brenda 4:23 AM  

two wonderful quilts. I'd love to see them in the flesh - so to speak - one day

Béa 5:21 AM  

Another wonderful quilt. I love all what you made.
Hugs from France

Diana 11:07 AM  

Lovely quilt! Congratulations, Keryn.

Sew Create It - Jane 2:19 AM  

Congratulations Covergirl!

Love both quilts..but especially that pinwheel one!! All those triangles..all those points! You've executed it perfectly!

YankeeQuilter 2:29 PM  

Both quilts are beautiful...(if I make one do I get a horse?!) The poor kid at at the book I go asking for yet another foreign quilt magazine....

bingo~bonnie 7:03 AM  

Congratulations on making the cover! I'm certain that many quilters who spotted this issue for sale in the stores bought this issue just for YOUR Quilt! :) that is awesome! Just think of how many women dream of being published and you did it!

Half & Half is sooo pretty - love the colors and you're right those flying geese boarders sure were worth the effort! They're perfect!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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