Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My problems with camera batteries have stopped me from photographing some of the projects I've been working on over the summer. Even with new batteries the camera keeps draining them overnight. I am so NOT amused. It's done this before and then resumed normal operations, soI will wait a while before I have a tantrum over it. I just need to keep the spare batteries charged and waiting.

This needlepoint picture was begun back in the mist of time, in a previous century; I only stitched the date when I was sure that it would soon be finished. That was right before I ran out of the background wool, and found that the colour had been discontinued. Many years later, when the shop I bought the original wool from was closing down, I found one skein of that colour on the throw out table and swooped upon it. However it took me till January 09 to put in the final stitches. I'm now hunting for the perfect frame for it, and I might modify some of the letters in my name; they are pretty clunky and unappealing.

The design came from a MacCall's Needlework magazine, and I love the picture just as much as when I started it. I will start another design soon; I've always wanted to do a Victorian 'spaniel-on-a-cushion',so I'll track down a pattern for that. I'm in no hurry when I do these needlepoint pictures though, as you can see by the date on that one.

I haven't spent much time lately on my own projects, but did manage to fit in a few more Stickle blocks. Having to rethink my usual practises for these tiny blocks is fascinating, and I think I'm going to do a lot more with foundation piecing after this. It has so many possibilities.
Still loving these, and not a squeak of complaint so far.


pdudgeon 4:51 AM  

what a lovely picture! great Jane Stickle blocks; i especially love the brown on the far right.

mereth 6:39 AM  

just as well!!

sewprimitive karen 11:04 AM  

Wow, those are pretty, especially the upper-left one...just listen t that Mereth, daring you to complain even the teensiest bit.

catsmum 4:10 AM  

when my last camera started chewing up the batteries I bought a new one - they are so much more affordable than they used to be and the new one had much better resolution and memory

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