Saturday, June 25, 2011

My girl is settled in at her new job, and my house seems very empty without her.  She has started a blog, which is a great way for her to record her time up there, and to keep her friends updated as well. If I can get her blogging, I'm sure that I can get her quilting soon...

I'm busy with taxes right now, but hopefully the end is in sight, and then I'll be able to spend a lot more time sewing. 

I'm up to 21 of the Jacob's Ladder blocks, with another 10 just waiting to be sewn together.  I figured I'd need 63, so I'll only be halfway once all the kitted blocks are sewn up.  I'll try and cut out a heap more tonight, because its such a help to have all the pieces cut and waiting.

I need to decide on borders for the plaid quilt, so I can get that quilted and into use.  I think I have to start another one straight away; I opened a drawer and found 8 blocks that I'd put away for safe-keeping.  The drawer was even labelled, so there is no excuse for forgetting they were there.  I think I'll just kit up another set of blocks, they were brilliant leader-enders and used up so many of my scrap strips.

I really miss keeping track of my yardage in and out, so I'm going to start that again.  I really have no idea what I've used this year, so I feel like I'm getting nowhere.  I've bought a fair bit, but probably not as much as I think.  Instead of discounting what I've used, and blowing my acquisitions out of all proportion, I'd like to  know the actual  figures.

It's time to choose another UFO to finish, and I think it will be my blue and green tumbler quilt. 
Seonaid admired it and said she'd like it, so I have a reason to get it finished now.  I love it when I can make a quilt specifically for someone, it's lovely to know that it's going to someone who wants it.  It only needs another two rows and a border, so it shouldn't take long.

I know someone else who misses Seonaid;

Dolly searched for her when I came home, but there was only me.  I'm better than nothing I guess, but Seonaid was the light of Dolly's world there for a while.  There will be much excitement when she comes to visit..


pdudgeon 4:31 AM  

you're a lot further on your ladder blocks than i am!
I'm using my ladder blocks as corner setting squares for a sawtooth star quilt. two rows done so far, and 4 more rows to go.
i love how you're using the light and dark blocks and alternating which way they are set. I'm definitely gonna have to make this quilt. Well done!!!

Seonaid Emmerson 6:31 AM  

Dolly doesn't look very happy in that picture :-(

Linda in TX 7:19 AM  

Just read all of Seonaid's blog. I love being in at the very beginning! She's quite a writer and I'm now a follower. She knits already (as most of us do!) so quilting can't be too far behind. (thanks for the tip about her blog)

Sheila 5:23 AM  

I enjoy reading your blog. Have a shortcut on my desktop to your tutorial suggesting a way to sew QAYG squares together. Can't wait to try it out. Love, love, love your colorful tumbler quilt pictured in a recent posts. Forgive me for not leaving comments in the past.
I followed the link to your daughter's blog. Her words paint pictures. I enjoy reading posts about her adventures, about her meeting new people and settling into a new job in Australia's outback. I agree with Linda in TX. She is quite a writer. I hope I can visit Australia someday.
Sheila in North Carolina, USA

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