Thursday, March 20, 2014

I assembled all the supplies for appliqué yesterday, and started block number 8.  I was all thumbs for about an hour, and then my hands started to remember what to do.  I know this isn't going to be quick finish, I just hope my patience lasts long enough.  Hand work is so slow, but maybe that will be therapeutic: it's probably just what I need to make me slow down a bit. 
This morning I received the latest of my sewing machine purchases; an old Elna, which I've wanted forever. 
The case is a bit grubby, but a good scrub will take care of that.  The machine itself is lovely, I just need some spare time so I can oil her and see how she sews. 
What is it about green machines that I find so hard to resist?

I know I'm supposed to be down-sizing, but it's ok to add little sweeties like this to the collection; I gave Mereth a Singer201 on the weekend, so the numbers haven't changed.  One in, and one out!


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