Sunday, March 09, 2014

Good golly gosh, but life is boring when I do my work and nothing else.  Taxes, bookwork, design work, computer stuff, housework, customer quilts etc.  I haven't sewn a stitch in 2 weeks, and that's a miserable state of affairs.  Luckily we have a public holiday on Monday, so I'm juggling my duties with a bit of play time for myself.  And that means sewing for sure.

I had already picked out the borders to go on this Puss In The Corner top, so I whipped that together quickly;

another UFO finished, and it was really quick and easy, apart from choosing the borders in the first place.  For a whole day I put different fabrics up on the design wall and left them there while I did other jobs.  This combination was the only one that I liked, but it took some experimentation to get there. It's a bad picture, maybe I can get a better one tomorrow.

Our main project for this weekend was laying carpet in the workroom.  It has taken a LOT of effort, but it will be nice and cosy in winter, and much easier to keep clean. 
 Of course the site supervisor kept us in line....
The carpet was given to us by friends when they redid their rooms, so it's recycled and that's always good.  There is plenty of life left in this industrial carpet, and it will make the workroom look a lot smarter.  It's going to be fun working down there now, we've rearranged everything and it will work better this way.  Photos tomorrow when we've got everything put back in it's proper place and order is restored.

Hopefully there will also be time to do a little work in the garden.
I do love simple flowers like gerberas; these ones came from our Mum's garden originally, and it's so lovely that we could bring them with us when her place was sold.  The pastel pink is a favourite, so clear and serene. The fluffy yellow ones are special too; John wore one on his suit lapel when he and Liz were married.  My garden is full of memories, not just plants.



Diane-crewe 11:45 AM  

beautiful colours shared this week x enjoy your new carpet ... but remember shoes/slippers in a sewing room ... means watch out for pins!! lol x

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