Friday, March 14, 2014

It seems I'm always busy with something; finished my computer work this morning, now it's time to clean up and  make the bed with fresh linen, as Seonaid and boyfriend Hayden are coming for a visit this weekend.  I'll get right onto that, after a cup of coffee.  I don't know what they think of sleeping in my sewing room, but I still enjoy being able to see my design wall from the bed :)

None of my projects are jostling for attention right now, so I don't really know what to work on first.  I have quite  a few ones that I feel I should work on, but I don't particularly want to, so nothing is happening.  While I'm busy with accounting software and tax stuff my creative side seems to switch off.  I can do chores like gardening and cleaning, but not the fun stuff in the sewing room.  It makes for a dreary. unbloggable life.  Luckily it should only take me another couple of weeks to dig myself out of this mess.  Once again I find myself vowing to do better, but I don't hold oout much hope.....especially as I found a journal from 10 years ago, and I was saying the same thing back then!

I'm being tempted by this block again, but in softer blues and browns. 

 I've been putting off my blue and brown quilt for so long, I think I may HAVE to do this one next.  The cutting is so simple with the Go Cutter, so it wouldn't take much effort to cut the indigo blocks as well as some in my lovely medium range blues and browns.  I think I've talked myself into it.

I've been spinning too, in spare moments, and soon I will decide on a project for my yarn.  A couple of hats, or a scarf would take care of most of the yarn I've already spun.  
Below, that's alpaca in the swatch on the left, it spun up very easily; I think I need to do more of it, it's so soft.  
The little swatch on the right is English Leicester/Merino, not as soft but slighty shiny; it would make a great coat, and I could dye it any colour I want...  I need more hours in the day, and a longer winter.

I have several whole fleeces, so I could make a coat if I wanted; I just have to work out how to spin the right yarn, and how to spin enough of it consistently.  It's totally different from piecing, the results vary depending on how tired you are, and if you forgot what you were aiming for, and if you treadle faster when there's something exciting on TV :).  I tend to make the singles finer and finer, just to see if I can do it, and then I end up with laceweight, instead of chunky yarn.  I need a lot more practice this winter, and then maybe I'll have wool to knit up next winter.  It's not about instant gratification, that's for sure.


Dasha 1:13 PM  

I have never done spinning, but as you say it is a long term project, not a quick fix. Just as well I can walk down to the shop and buy a ball of wool. Its a good thing I wasn't born in the 19th Century - I'd be cold all winter. LOL.

Sue SA 2:50 PM

This is a link to patterns for making jumpers (yep wolly clothing) for fairy penguins, or little penguins I think they call them now. Just in case you wanted to use up some wool you didnt want any longer. I saw this on another quilters blog, the penguins sure do look cute in their jumpers!

Jan 6:04 PM  

What a lovely sample block, especially the background. Four Knaves, as I know the block, is another favorite design of mine.

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