Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A bit of sewing here and there over the last few days, and the Big Dipper top is finished.  I just love it, I love the indigo and double pink together, love the graphic blocks and the four borders.  This turned out exactly the way I wanted it to look, like an antique, and I'm so happy with it.  It only took 7 years.

Hilary asked in the comments, what do I do with all these quilts?  Well some of them get published in magazines, some of them I sell patterns for, some of them are donated to charity or given to family members.  Lots of them sit in stacks waiting for a home, but I use many of them on my beds.  I make some tops so I can try out quilting designs on them, some are to try out new piecing techniques. 

The ones I've been finishing this year, 13 to date, are mostly from the UFO list.  Some were started more than 20 years ago; the finished tops don't worry me, but the pieces in a box niggle at me.  I don't like those old projects laying around uncompleted.  Obviously I've ignored most of them for a very long time, but 2014 is the year of the finish.  I didn't plan it that way, didn't make a resolution on January 1st, it's just evolved that way.  I'm having a great time dealing with these old things, and rediscovering that I love them after all. 

I have 26 things on the UFO list, and 8 of them are 10 or more years old.  They are going to be my priority in the next few months, but there are some difficult ones in there.  Several are at the border stage, and I'm just as stumped now as I was back then, which is why they are on the UFO list.  I'll have to do a lot of thinking and contemplating, and listening, as they try and tell me what they want.


SuMac 6:41 AM  

I love this one.
Do you have 26 more UFO's to go, or only 13 left now?
Do your kids ever see these old UFO's and say "Hey Mom, I remember you working on that when I was in 3rd grade!" or something like that? I've done that a few times with my mom about her UFO's when I help her clean up her sewing room.
Thanks for sharing these projects as you finish them. I really enjoy following along.

Jan 9:05 AM  

Beautiful! Some projects just need to age properly. Your UFO project is commendable.

Anonymous,  9:18 AM  

This is gorgeous! I love the blue/white/pink color combination. Would love to see this one quilted!

Sue SA 2:39 PM  

Enjoying looking at this pattern, and especially the colour combo which seems to make it pop even more. Good luck with your UFO's, your on a productive roll!

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