Monday, May 19, 2014

My work commitments took over my life for the last fortnight, and I hardly had time to turn on the machine.  I left the Big Dipper quilt top on my design wall until yesterday, and it was a very nice place to rest my eyes, in between struggling over computer work and the like.  However, I'm caught up on most of my chores, so I am going to spend the afternoon doing whatever I want to.The weather is lovely, grey skies and given to little showers of rain; I may be able to get some garden time, and I'll save the sewing till after dark. This weather is perfect for weeding.

 I still don't feel any inclination to work on new projects, the UFOs are occupying my mind.

I've organised all the bits for the vintage hexagons so that I can work on them first thing in the morning, before I go to work, and then again just before bed.  There are hundreds of little 1" seams to sew, but I will get them done one at a time, no matter how long it takes.  It's been quite painless so far, but the pressing is going to be irksome.  I will have to make sure I do it as I go along, it would be horrifying to have to do it all at once when it's finished.

I've been making a few Flying Geese units for the Wild Goose Chase quilt, and there are a few more completed blocks;
I'm not loving it though, and I think it would be a shame to sew up all the pieces I've cut and not enjoy it, so I'm not pushing myself to work on them.  Their time will come.  That bit of lace on the design wall is there as inspiration for an applique border. It was in a scrap bag from the op-shop, I wish I had more of it.

Instead of sewing, I've been sorting fabrics and organising the stash so that it's easier to find what I want.  Now I just have to remember to put things away in their proper places.

A while ago I lashed out and bought three of Cindy Blackberg's quilt stamps, but I haven't had enough spare time to plan a quilt using them. 

I grabbed some charm squares and made this little LeMoyne Star, finishing 4.75" square. 
It's so cute, and was easy to sew; I will go through the scrap box and stamp the pieces for a few more blocks, while I think on a setting for them.  I would like to do a few doll and miniature quilts, and these little stars would be perfect for that.  I also bought the Tumbler and Pointed Tile stamp; they will be great to use up little scraps and charm squares.
My design wall now holds the blocks I was working on before the UFOs sidetracked me;  I'm sure I'll get enthusiastic again, if they are always in view.  I bought the fabric I wanted for the sashing a while ago, so when  I fall in love with them again, I'll be able to get them set together with no hassles.  Hopefully.


Diane-crewe 5:20 PM  

who cares how long it takes? continuing to have fun is the important part xx .. did you get the weeding done?

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