Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally!  A cool rainy day has arrived, and I'm excused outside chores.  Mereth and I have been constructing a paved entrance to our workshop, and I've been shovelling and crawling around on hands and knees for a couple of days. The actual paving took about 30 minutes, it was the preparation that took so much time and effort.  We're using all the second-hand pavers we can find, so that will save a trip into town to get more; it might not be pretty, but it's better than the weeds and dirt that was there before.

Nothing more can be done while it's raining, so I'm going to hit the sewing room and get some fabric running through the machine.

Of course Dolly helped with the paving; every time I turned around she was lying on her back on the newly levelled crusher-dust, or chasing her tail and spreading stuff everywhere, or trying to crawl under my arms as I lowered pavers into place.  Very helpful indeed.  
The pile of crusher-dust was apparently very comfortable, and a good place to survey her domain.

There's a lot more to do, but it will wait until the rain moves on.

I went a bit stir-crazy yesterday.  I've been working on the vintage hexagons; I've been making more Flying Geese units and bagging them up into kits for the Wild Goose Chase blocks.  I've been tidying and sorting.  And NONE of it was going to lead to anything being crossed off my UFO list in the next month or so.  It drove me nuts.  
So,  I chose a set of blocks from the list, made a very snap judgement about the setting and was off and cutting.

I rummaged through my scraps and pulled out every dark blue and cream piece and sliced them into 2" strips, then joined them in pairs.  It didn't take long at all, and then I cut them into sashing pieces, and the parts for four-patches, and laid it all out on the design wall.  I'm glad it looked good, because I really didn't have a Plan B.
This morning I pressed and trimmed all the blocks, and cut out pieces for a few more; I want to spend this afternoon sewing it all together.  I needed a quick fix, and this is it;   Once it's done I'm sure I will be able to go back to my snail's pace on the other projects.


Diane-crewe 1:13 AM  

seems Dolly was reminding you to look around and take it easy xx lol x

Karen 4:55 AM  

Seems like you and your sister have talents beyond quilting. I wouldn't even begin to know how to do the pavers.

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