Thursday, May 22, 2014

I decided to be brave and tackle the pressing of my vintage blocks. The most annoying thing about it is that for every seam pressed correctly, the iron nudges four other seams in the wrong direction. To counteract that, I borrowed Mereth's mini iron, which has a 4" sole plate. It was perfect for the job, only pressing the seams I wanted it to. There's no steam either, so no burnt fingers.

I ironed it with the big iron afterwards, on the right side, and now it looks nice and tidy. I've pieced another row, so once that's joined I will have 3 done and another 6 to go.
 I know I'm making progress, but it's so Slow!  Once I have the rows of rosettes together I'll have to make some units to fill in the sides.  It will take months. I think I'll have to fit in a pieced UFO, something that can be finished in a week or so.  I need to go through the list and pick something quick.

We visited our friend Helen's farm last week and had a lovely morning tea, before a wander around the garden.  The crysanthemums were lovely this year, I bought another 6 to add to the 18 I already have.  There are so many varieties I don't have, all the lovely ornate old ones, so I'm going to keep collecting them whenever I see them.
 I have greenhouse envy!  A neighbour gave Helen this huge one, and she and her hubby loaded it onto the back of their biggest truck and brought it home.   I wish I had neighbours like that...
 Their are quite a few orphan lambs at this time of year, and Helen raises them in a pen next to the house.  To her hubby's amusement, they all have names.  They are awful cute at this age.
 Oh well, best go get into the garden while the weather is still nice; as soon as it gets colder I will be able to stay inside and sew all day, but while it's this lovely outside, I'd better make the most of it.


Diane-crewe 12:44 AM  

what a good idea with the iron.. I have one of those small ones for doing bias work.. must remember this tip xx WOW! that's a BIG greenhouse xxxx

Sue SA 4:52 PM  

A friend of mine brought her son a dismantled greenhouse off ebay for $50, if you are a ebay fan you could be lucky also. Love the little iron. Hexies are wonderful, but definitely "slow burn" projects.

Ozjane 10:12 PM  

I forgot you could 'beg/borrow/steal chrysanthemums from friends. I have yellow ones and must get some white and other colors. They are so nice from now on.
Love the lambs

Lucy 10:27 PM  

Love your iron very much :-)

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