Friday, March 06, 2015

Just a quickie post for Charmaine, who asked about the sizes in the Puss In The Corner quilt in my last post.

I made this using charm squares, so the measurements are not a standard PITC.

The little corner squares are 2" cut, finishing at 1.5".  I cut all 4 out of one charm square.

The central square is 4.5"cut, finishing at 4".  I cut this from one charm square.
The rectangle is cut 2" x  4.5", and finishes at 1.5" x  4". I used two charm squares for each block.  You can see in the closeup photo that there are two different fabrics in the rectangles of each block.
The setting squares were cut 7.5", as the block measures 7"finished.  First border was 2" cut size, second was 6" cut.
 I truly hate those pinked edges on charm squares, so these measurements let me cut the pieces for the blocks and discard the edges.  I wasn't fussed on these Kansas Troubles fabrics, so I didn't mind the small amount of waste.
Kim M in PA asked about the quilting pattern, but her profile is set to No Reply; hope she reads this.....
The quilt is quilted with a panto of mine called Spiral Scales. 
It's similar to Baptist Fan, but has a bit more movement due to the spirals.  The pattern is a digital file, not a paper pattern.  There is double stitching, and that's not successful with a hand-guided longarm. 

I have the binding ready to go for this one, so hopefully I'll be able to count this as completely finished very soon.


Kim M in PA 7:40 PM  

What a beautiful quilt! Is that quilted with one of your designs?

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