Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's a lovely cool Sunday morning, and the first day of March.  Yet again, the year is just flying by, but at least I've achieved a few things;

 3 UFO projects are now tops, 
one new project is a top.
I quilted an old top from last year, and I'll be binding that in the next few days. 
Two ancient quilts received bindings, and that felt very good, so I'll be digging out every other unfinished quilt so that I can easily work on them. 

And there's been a ton of computer and quilting work,
plus family and friend time. 
So while the time has gone really quickly, at least it was spent on fun and necessary pursuits.  We had such a nice summer, for a change, that I didn't spend whole weeks wilting into a puddle and wishing my brain wasn't fried.  Roll on  Autumn!

I'm trying to decide what to do first.  Two parcels of fabric arrived, one containing the setting fabric I was waiting on,
and the other a backing length for a quilt that is high on the To Be Quilted list.
 I just love these two prints from the Rue Indienne range, and for once I bought yardage while it was still available.  (And a little bit extra to fill up the package....)

I've bought 30m this year, which is extravagant, but there are several backings in that total, and I've used 52m, so I'm happy with that.  Four tops, about 6 backings, some non-quilt projects and 3 bindings; it all adds up to a lot of fabric out of the stash.


julieQ 6:28 PM  

Wow, you are cookin' lady!! Great progress for sure. Such lovely quilts!

Sue SA 11:27 AM  

Well done, you have ticked some major items off the lists...and February is only a short month! Glad you got some personal quilting done. I am really pleased to see Autumn as well, lets home the weather is beautiful, accompanied by rain for the garden!

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