Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The blocks on my design wall are Cracker Box blocks, and I started them in 2009. 

I knew I wanted the blocks to be shades of dull blue and red, more dusty than bright; I made a few blocks to test the measurements and work out the pressing sequence but that's as far as I got.  I've been collecting fabrics for it ever since, looking forward to working on it, but so many other UFOs took precedence.  I took care of most of the 'Meh' projects on the list last year, now it's time to work on some of the ones I really want to do.

I had absolutely no idea of the layout for the blocks, so EQ7 really helped me visualise what I could do.  As I made the blocks and put them on the design wall edge to edge I realised that there was an HourGlass block forming between them. 
So I came up with an edge of those blocks all around as a sort of border that the blocks flowed into, and then having a Cracker block in each corner extended the pattern out nicely.
 I may yet put a smaller border all the way around, but I'll decide that once it's all on the design wall.  I'm really enjoying these blue and red fabrics, I seem to have been sewing with them for months. 
It's great to be using a section of the stash that I previously passed over because they weren't a good clear red or blue.  The answer was to put them all together in one project, and celebrate their murkiness.

I have the rest of the blocks cut and bagged, waiting to be sewn in spare moments.
I'm just snowed under with work at the moment, I worked on the weekend and I've been racing from one job to another all day; I just might be too tired to sew tonight. 
If I feel better after a glass of wine I'll tackle a few of those baggies, if not I can go look at stuff on Pinterest.  That doesn't require any effort or brainpower!


Me and My Stitches 6:34 AM  

Your blocks look terrific! And I almost had a panic attack when I saw the fabric you used - shown in your 2nd picture, the red/pink in the bottom right hand corner. That is one of my all time favorite fabrics and I only have a fat quarter of it. What I wouldn't do for a bolt!

Karen in Breezy Point 8:09 AM  

Everything is better after a glass of wine ;-)
I love your layout for the Cracker blocks and the border treatment--very clever!

Diane-crewe 10:14 AM  

a glass of wine will certainly help the relaxation .. and prioritisation of what to do xx lol x blocks are looking great x

Tilly 1:50 AM  

Your blocks are really fantastic. Like the colors.

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