Monday, May 01, 2006

I have been busy since I landed here in Chicago, and today is the first time in two weeks that I am able to sit down and draw breath! I flew to New Hampshire the day after I arrived, did the MQX show, then straight on to Paducah. Talk about overload......

We flew out of La Guardia to Manchester in a prop plane, and the photos I took of the city lights are neat; the plane vibrated so much that all the lights blurred into gold and bronze trails. Perfect idea for embroidery.....

I must have been jet-lagged, because I don't remember anything much about the show, except that I talked to loads of people and saw some really nice quilts. It would have been nice to see a bit of the countryside, but all I've seen so far is hotels, airports and highways.

I love Paducah, I can understand why some people go back every year. There is so much energy and enthusiasm everywhere, and the quilts get ever more incredible. I can't post any photos of them, but they were fantastic.

Caryl Bryer Fallert has a new studio and shop in Lowertown, which is well worth a visit. I bought her new book on transferring photos to fabric. I thought I could experiment in my spare time....

We hit the Finkel building early on and bought up big on the $5 books. There are enough ideas in this lot to keep me busy for years.

Let's just say that I visited Hancocks and did my duty as a fabriholic; I refused to get a shopping cart this time, figuring that I would buy less, but I managed to balance an awful lot of fabric in my arms and stagger to the checkout. I haven't looked at it since, so it will be fun to sit down later on and go through it piece by piece.

I bought acid dyes so I can dye some wool, and acrylic templates for curved seam blocks, plus a special foot to make it easier. I can't wait to get home and start sewing. In the meantime I have templates for hand piecing, and I will cut out a little project before we leave on the next trip to Overland Park, Kansas City.

Blogger is being ridiculous and refusing to load photos, so I will add them later on, hopefully tomorrow. I am going away now to admire my fabric!


mereth 8:55 PM  

I can hardly wait to see what you got! Any nice wool going? I was clearing out Mum's linen closet and found a big plastic bag full of skeins of different colours of Azelea crochet wool(3 ply). Mum says a friend gave it to her years ago and she'd forgotten about it, so she said I could have it! More socks coming up.

I hope you're enjoying every minute of your trip, how much longer is it? I miss our phone calls, we'll have to talk for a couple of days when you get back!!

Laura 9:45 AM  

Keryn - I tried to catch up with you in Paducah but you were not in the booth while I was in that area. Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Quilts And Pieces 1:33 PM  

Keryn, we stopped to say hi to you at Paducah, but you must have been on a break. Sorry I missed you! Wasn't it fun though! Well we made 3 trips to Hancock's - I did my duty at buying up fabric in that back room! Can't wait to chat once you get back and can breathe!

ForestJane 11:21 PM  

Eventually getting to go to the Paducah Hancocks is one of my goals in life. :)

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