Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oww!! What a weekend!

The skip is full, and I think I need to get it emptied and brought back so we can fill it again. There is about 10 times more stuff to go, and I have created an almighty mess. It looks quite hopeless now, but I know from past experience that if I just keep working through all the piles then order will be restored.

It's sad to realise that we're never going to get round to making all the furniture we plannned, re-upholstering all those chairs and settees, repairing the vintage furniture we collected. Some pieces I'll keep, but most of it is being donated to people who will do something with it. And we'll go on to other things.

No sewing has been attempted, as my hands are full of splinters and aching from hauling around several tons of wood. But Mereth's comment on her blog about our handpiecing prompts me to post this example of our backstitched seams. I just can't make running stitch look as nice, or feel as secure, so I'm not about to change now. People always look at my seams and say flatly "You machine pieced this". Then I show them the reverse of the seam, which looks like stem stich and they have to admit that I did hand piece it after all.

It's funny to listen to comments when I'm vending at shows, and hear people tell their friends "Oh that's all done on the machine", when I know it isn't. Or "Of course it's all done on one of those longarm machines", when most of my quilts are sewn on my Janome. Once, when selling my Mini Album, an original pattern with the original quilt as a sample, a woman complimented me in a condescending way because I had matched the materials so exactly to the photo in the pattern. It took several attempts to actually convince her that it was the actual quilt. And that I designed it. Nowadays I wouldn't even bother arguing the point......

My poor little quilt met a sticky end, in a bag stolen from an airport shuttle on the way to a show. I hope it ended up in good hands, and not discarded in a dumpster once the thieves realised the hugely heavy bag contained only the setup for a quilting booth.....


quiltpixie 6:33 AM  

You're right, its often not worth convincing people of hte trueth once they've decided what they're seeing... It can be frustrating though when they perpetuate their misinformaiton to their friends within hearing distance...

dot 7:17 AM  

How sad to have your stuff stolen. What are people thinking. Sometimes with people you have to smile and just move on, some people just don't want to hear what is different than what they are thinking. Have a great day.

mereth 4:14 PM  

I hope the cleanup goes well and you don't get too many splinters in the process. Our poor hands, having to do menial work, when they should be reserved for sewing and knitting, like a pianist's for his instrument. "Sorry, I can't scrub that floor, I have to think of my hands......."

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