Saturday, June 23, 2007

Much sewing was done today, and the king-size quilt top is nearly finished. I have been running around cutting pieces and making coffee, pressing seams, fetching and carrying for Mereth, while she stitches steadily away and reduces the pile of pieces by the machine. She's quite bossy too, but I'm letting her get away with it because she's doing such a great job. This quilt is due to go on the machine tomorrow, not that there's any pressure on us or anything! It will be quilted with an ornate panto and hung in the booth at the show.

We ran off to the LQS to get more fabric for the setting squares, and I bought a few FQs and two remnants that Mereth was kind enough to point out to me. We are waiting till we get to the show before we do any serious shopping, there will be lots to choose from and we don't want to exhaust our finances too soon. We have been there, and done that!

This is the quilt that is on my bed here, and I am so in love with it that I want to start my own version straight away. This is a copy of an antique quilt, and Kaye chose all the fabrics herself; they look so beautiful together. The fabrics are divine, and I have lots of them already, so I could shop the stash for this one. I don't have anything remotely like the pillar print in the border, I will have to look out for something equally striking.


Anonymous,  1:50 AM  

Barbara Brackman had a line of fabric out recently with a pillar print like that and I bet you can still find it on line ...Spencer Museum collection
What I am concerned about is finding fabric like the center block!
oh Reproduction Fabrics has prints from Den and Wanamakers in Holland...
Can you tell I love this quilt!
thanks for sharing the pictures I really enjoy your blog and your sisters :)
Kathie in NJ

Vicki W 4:24 AM  

You are right - that's one ginormous quilt! But it sure it pretty!

meggie 2:53 PM  

You lucky, busy girls!!

Chookyblue...... 10:32 PM  

sounds like you are having a wonderful time.....Can't wait to see this finished and for once I will see it for real.....not just on the internet....3 more sleeps until I am in Sydney....

Malagueta 4:22 PM  

What a beautiful quilt! The darker squares in the four patches make such a striking through line.

YankeeQuilter 12:17 AM  

How much of the pillar print do ou need? I think I have some in my stash...I was on a pillar hunt for a couple of years to reproduce an antique quilt I have but have yet to find the right one. I think I am being too picky but oh, well. They are both great quilts.! Have fun.

Lisa D. 7:14 AM  

Wow, the quilt you are working on is fabulous, as is the beautiful quilt on your bed. So inspirational!!!

Lynn Dykstra 7:57 PM  

Both quilts are wonderful. I love these taupes.

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