Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm home again, after a week in Melbourne teaching at Michelle's Sewing Basket. We had a lovely time in the workshops, and I found a few goodies in the shop that had to come home with me. I stayed at Michelle's home in an upstairs flat, with my own TV so I could watch the Olympics in bed each night. Luxury.

It was soooo cold, but I handled it quite well. I've always found that quilters tend to warm up a room fairly quickly, so once we started working in the morning we were fine. It must be our high levels of enthusiasm. Or the heat coming off our machines. Or the quilts we're working on. I am a bad blogger, because despite a new camera, and leaving it in full view each workshop, I didn't take a single photo. I am such a ditz.

I've spent the last two days catching up on work related things, and hopefully I can start off next week with a clean slate. I would like to spend the weekend rearranging my stash and getting it all sorted and organised. Mereth took advantage of my absence to shift 70% of the furniture in the workroom, sewing room and office. It all looks much better, I have to admit, but there's a bit of a muddle to deal with; lots of baskets and boxes and miscellaneous things to put away. She worked Matt so hard that I will have to bribe him to set foot in here again.

There's a customer quilt on the machine that I hope to have finished before Monday, but I can monitor our Olympic progress while keeping an eye on Millhouse, as there is now a TV in the workroom. It's wonderful to see the medal tally mounting up.


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