Sunday, January 04, 2009

I was planning to do Bonnie's latest mystery, Double Delight. Once I saw those Square In Square units I was pretty sure that Mereth would sign up for it too. However, I didn't exactly volunteer to do the 9 patches for Mereth's mystery quilt. It's more like the job was delegated to me....
It took a mighty long time before I had all 130 done, and now I know that there's no hope I'm going to turn around and do my own version. So Mereth will have to give me lots of Brownie points for doing this little chore for her.

It's not as if I don't have anything on my design wall either; these are Log Cabins using 1.25" strips, that finish at 3/4". The centres are the leftover pinwheels from my Showgrounds quilt, and the logs are a mixture of scraps and precious Judy Rothermels. I am ashamed to say that I have hardly used any of the FQs that I get from her club, it's as if they are too good to ever use. So I started cutting a 1.25" strips from each of them, and that way I get to use them, but it's such a miniscule amount that I don't have any usage anxiety at all.

Honestly, quilters need a whole vocabulary to describe the range of emotions they go through; stash guilt, usage anxiety, fabric euphoria. We should make a list so other people know just what a difficult thing it is to be addicted to fabric.

I want to write a post about New Year goals, and dwell a little on what I will regard as important this year, but I really have to go to work. I need to update my accounting software and tackle all the figures (blech) and then there's a lot of computer housework that must be done (fragged up to here, it is!) and then there's a whole bunch of real life stuff to do as well.

One of my resolutions is to try and truly understand my accounting software, so my accountant won't send me stern emails about how I left the whole of July unreconciled, and it simply won't do! But alas, I don't think QuickBooks and I will ever be on the same page....


Diane 6:02 PM  

Your a good sister, do you want another? :) I really like the log cabin your working on, the colors are great. I know how you feel about your accounting. My tax man puts his head in his hands when he sees me come in his office. Poor man.

Maggie A 8:07 PM  

I was just about to start double Delight when I came to my senses and dcided to finish something I had already started......besides I hate trimming blocks. I like to make to the size I'm going to use.

Log Cabin looks great - one of my favourite blocks.

Lori in South Dakota 10:39 PM  

when you figure QuickBooks out, let me know! I do better with a file folder and a notebook!

Marianne 9:24 AM  

A quilters' lexicon indeed! I didn't realize we had one until you drew my attention to it.

Kim 4:53 PM  

Ohhhh, the log cabin is beautiful. I love the bits of pink and blue in the light areas.

Personally, I'm in a use-it-up phase. I had a dream that I died and someone came into my sewing room and said, "What was she saving this for?"

meggie 10:01 PM  

I love the look of the nine patches for Mereth.
Also love your log cabins!!

I do so understand your language about fabric!

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