Sunday, July 26, 2009

On Wednesday we will be driving down to Adelaide with my Dear Brother and Sister-In-Law; they have been here for a three week visit, and it's just flown by. They will be celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary that day, and are shouting Mereth and I dinner at their favourite hotel. We'll stay the night, drop them at the airport the next day, and then hopefully see the latest Harry Potter movie before we come home. That's the plan, anyway.

Because we have to miss two days of work we thought we'd better work all through the weekend so we won't be behind in the quilt schedule. We had a quilting marathon on Saturday and Sunday, Millhouse ran non-stop. While one quilt was quilting we prepped backing and batting for the next, it was like a factory here! We got four finished, and a few more ready to load. They were all very big quilts, and it feels good to have them over and done with.

We had the DB and SIL over for tea on Saturday, chili with all the fixings, and then Mereth and I went back to the workroom and worked till about 2.30am. Dolly slept in her bed under the table, giving lots of sighs of disapproval that we were up so late. "Can we just go to bed Please!!"

Mereth slept over, and was up disgustingly early the next morning to start Millhouse stitching again. I'm just glad we don't work like that all the time. Dolly thinks we're nuts to spend so much time working that machine.

A little while ago I came to a painful decision, and cancelled my Judie Rothermel fabric club. I loved getting a FQ of every fabric she released, but honestly, do I need anymore? These are four drawers full of FQs and some associated yardage, and there are another 4 or 5 stacks in various other places. I decided that I have to make a dent in this lot before I join the club again, and I can just buy individual pieces as they are released.

This book of Mereth's has some lovely quilt photos, and I've had this quilt bookmarked for years.
The fabric mix is perfect for my Rothermels, so I spent Saturday night cutting 3 1/2" strips from my FQs. It was very satisfying to actually cut into them, and I just love how the fabrics look together. I can't wait to get started on this, but I'll be strong-willed and finish the ninepatches first. I love having a new project that inspires me to sew in every available moment, and this will be one. I might have to sneak some of these in as leader-enders when I finish the nine-patches.


Tazzie 11:34 PM  

I never met a Judie Rothermel fabric that I didn't love, and it thrills me that you love her fabrics too. Your new quilt is going to look sensational, can't wait to see progress.
Dolly has grown so much, she's such a sweetie.
Be sure to have a great time in town.

Maggie A 12:07 AM  

This is going to look beautiful....but then what doesn't in these type of fabrics.

antique quilter 12:46 AM  

Looks great!
I love Judies fabrics too.
the book looks interesting, are there a lot of quilts in it?
I can buy it here in the USA
I have a few books like that from country living and just love them

sewprimitive karen 2:55 AM  

Hey, the book looks interesting. Anything else bookmarked in it? Your new quilt looks just like the illustration and is lovely!

Brenda 5:59 AM  

Can't wait to see this one come together. I blame you for my Judy addiction. As we speak the newest collection is on it's way to me.

Meggie 12:48 AM  

Oh, Dolly looks so sweet!! She is just a gorgeous girl.
Love your new project idea, & it is sure to go together quickly.

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