Saturday, May 08, 2010

It seems as if I've loved florals with a blue background forever.  And I certainly have collected a few of them.

I used this one as the backing of a favourite quilt.

And I have 2 metres of this one

1 metre of this one;

2.5 metres of this one;

4 metres of this one;
3 metres of this;

1 metre of trhis;

and 2 metres of this latest one, which is my current favourite.

I just adore this, couldn't leave it behind.

I'm sure, absolutely positively sure, that I have enough blue background florals to make all the quilts I could ever desire.  But this little beauty, from a Charity charm pack, has my fingers itching to go shopping online.

It's in my shopping basket at Hancocks, I just haven't pushed the button yet.  How much is enough? It's useless to ask if I need it, of course I don't.  But it's pretty, and I want it.

Below is a picture of the fabric that caused this obsession. 

My Mum had a bedspread and curtains she made from this beautiful barkcloth; it's so faded now, but when we were little it was a beautiful vibrant sky blue.  The set was in constant use until we were 15, and they're a bit dingy and damaged, but I still love them.

It's interesting to think that this material had such an impact on my tastes; as a child I would sit by Mum's bed admiring the pattern and the textured fabric.  It was as good as a picture book in my eyes.  I'm actually very grateful that Mum never made us go to Kindergarten; we spent all those years before school at home, playing with fabric and books and amusing ourselves.  And if I wanted to lie on Mum's bed for an hour, looking at the roses and dreaming, then she let me.  A little quiet contemplation is a good thing.


Laura 6:11 PM  

Very pretty fabrics! I'm not even a "blue" person, but a couple of those would probably jump in my shopping cart if I ran across them!

Karen 7:41 PM  

Beautiful big prints. They do make good backs for quilts.

Unknown 7:51 PM  

I have a couple of similar but different blue background florals i am just not going to use, if you wouldn't mind adding a few metres to your collections? if so, timelady [at] gmail [dot] com will get me:)

Unknown 7:52 PM  

As a fellow Sth Aussie, shouldn't be too hard to get them via Aust Post to you:)

Besides, It would clear a bit of space for some lovely orientals i am yearning for;)

Tracy 8:32 PM  

I too am a blue person and have most of these fabrics in my stash. So very gorgeous. I love your mum's fabric that started it all off. I would buy 2 metres at least and if it is truly divine a bit more. Nice to come across a blue person - so many love green.

Stephanie Newman 2:48 AM  

I can see exactly why you purchased these...I have a couple of different blue background florals lurking in my stash and love duck egg blue backgrounds, or blue fabrics in general, for that matter. Even though often my quilts are more modern these days I still love the cool elegance of blue florals! I think the blue love is beyond fabric though- china, KitchenAid,blender, jewellery, handbag...

quiltmom anna 11:27 AM  

What gorgeous blue prints- they do remind me of days gone by- the romantic or old fashioned florals have an elegance about them.
I have always loved color- when I was 16 I have a huge pansy print in a lavender bedroom. It sounds gaudy now but I really loved it- I still love pansies and love quilts that are rich with color.
Happy quilting Keryn.

julieQ 1:28 PM  

I have one of those very same prints! I see my piece as a quilt back for an upcoming project. I think it is neat that you were able to relax a little on your Mom's quilt...very soothing and fun.

Meggie 12:03 AM  

Oh I love all those fabrics! My taste exactly. My grandmother had the most wonderful quilt with huge flowers and birds, and I could look at it for hours & never tire of it's wonderful patterns. I wish I had a photo of it now.

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