Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another busy work week is nearly over, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  It's our local agricultural Show tomorrow, and we're going to attend for a couple of hours, after a customer consult that is.  It will be fun to see the quilts and the cooking and the flower arranging and the tractors and the show-jumping....  Might take more than a couple of hours.

I want to get a lot of sewing done, and some garden chores, so I've resorted to a list.  I know some people like Judy make lists for everything, but I don't normally work that way.  I don't normally get a lot done either.  So it's a detailed list this weekend, and I'll let you know how I go.  I have to tidy up the garden before Spring bursts upon us in only two weeks time, and I want to spin up a lot of wool that a friend gave me; I need to deep clean the workroom and the laundry and the kitchen.  That's just for starters!

The sewing project of choice is the blocks on my design wall.  When I started off it was to use up scraps and make a block that I'd wanted to make for a long time.  Only when I checked, it wasn't the same block at all.  My memory is not up to scratch.

This is the quilt I've had earmarked to make.  It's from Nancilu Burdicks's pattern book that accompanies the book Legacy, and is based on a quilt her grandmother made.

The blocks I started making are very simple versions of the quilt I actually wanted to make.  No problem, I just start making more complicated ones, and I'll merge them all together.
 Don't look at the photo below if you're squeamish!

Last weekend I was shifting furniture, and an antique table bit me.

All I did was put my hand beneath it to pick it up, and a waiting splinter went right under my thumbnail.  Mereth, in true blogger fashion, looked at it and said 'We have to take a photo of that!' Amazingly it didn't hurt much, and at the emergency room our lovely doctor numbed my whole thumb and then dug it out.  And it still didn't hurt a lot.  I'm very lucky I think, it could have been worse.  All week the two spots where he injected the anaesthetic have hurt much worse than the original injury.  Here's hoping this weekend doesn't have an eventful end like the last one.


Maria 2:34 PM  

I'm thinking your making the wrong block was a happy accident! The square in a square blocks are much harder. I can never keep them square! And your blocks are going to have the same affect!

julieQ 4:21 PM  

Youch!! That looks like it hurts...glad it is not too bad! Your blocks are gorgeous...

pdudgeon 4:30 AM  

((huggs))) for your thumb. I did the same thing to my thumb when i was a little girl, so i know how that feels. The blocks are very pretty!

Karen 7:58 AM  

Your new blocks are looking good. Points where there should be points and things matching up.
Your poor thumb looks very bruised!

Andrea 9:35 AM  

Ouch !! Glad it's not as painful as it looks xx

Taryn 10:26 AM  

I love, love, love your blocks! And so sorry about your poor thumbs--youch! Enjoy your weekend. Normally, I don't like lists (who needs a piece of paper nagging at you) but even I have to resort to them once in awhile.

Tamera 6:00 AM  

Both blocks are wonderful, and I LOVE your attitude!

"No problem, I just start making more complicated ones, and I'll merge them all together."

We can all take a lesson from that. :-)

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