Friday, March 11, 2011

We have a 3-day weekend here in South Australia (Adelaide Cup day - who needs a holiday for a horse race???) and I intend to make the most of my time off.  I want to get the UFO blocks set together, and the pieced borders done.  I'm pretty sure that I have nothing suitable for a final border, so it may get put back in the cupboard until I can go shopping at a real live shop.

I found a suitable green fabric in the stash, a bit lighter and a lot brighter than the other green.  In every spare moment this week I cut and sewed blue and green fabric together, and I'm now up to this stage.

I have a few more units to sew, and then I can start sewing rows.  The squares in the pieced border have been my leader-enders, so I have a stockpile of those already.  I'm a bit worried that I'll run out of blue fabric, but I'll deal with that problem when/if it happens.  I'm all about the sewing right now.

I still haven't decided on a spacer border to separate the body of the quilt and the pieced border.  Every time I walk past the design wall I hang up a different coloured strip, to see what takes my fancy.  Haven't chanced upon the right one yet, but I'll keep working on that while I put all the pieces together.  It makes good sense to me to let my subconcious deal with that problem while I'm feeding more pieces through the sewing machine; most times the solution will occur to me without a lot of concious effort, and that's always a bonus.

It's a lovely autumn day, a little bit cloudy and not too warm, so I hope to get into the garden later on, and take the dogs for a walk too.  And make some soup, and cook a chicken curry for tonight, and sort through my knitting supplies, and tidy up the kitchen cupboards, and .......

That's a good list of things to concentrate on for today; tomorow there will be a whole new lot of priorities, and then there's still another free day after that. I love long weekends!


bingo~bonnie 5:21 PM  

wow - you really have been sewing during every spare moment! This is looking awesome and I love the squares on point for your pieced border that you have started!

Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Karen 6:04 PM  

Well I really liked the setting when I saw your quilt last time. Now the filler blocks on the side are a good finishing touch for the inside of the quilt.

antique quilter 1:13 AM  

oh I just love this green for the sashing, great sashing design! I would not have ever tried this fabric for the sashing but it is a perfect choice!!!!!
always fun to catch up with what your working on!

Kat 3:15 AM  

wow ..looks great ! :)

sewprimitive karen 5:41 AM  

I adore this quilt and the green so desperately!

Brenda 2:55 PM  

Love this and can't wait to see the finished product.

julieQ 10:49 AM  

Love your square in a square!!! Veyr pretty!

Judy Snider 7:45 AM  

Love your quilt!!!
Try a scrappy inner border to bring the colors of the quilt out to the border.

Finn 12:35 PM  

My goodness, considering you started with 18 UFO blocks, it's grown into a spectacular looking quilt top! I love the color you found in the stash, can't wait to see it all together. Hugs, finn

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