Saturday, May 07, 2011

 Isn't Mother's Day wonderful, with all the crysanthemums in the shops? 

I went mad this year, and bought 6 pots of glorious colours.  They are only $3.99, so why wouldn't I?  I also got lots of cut flowers, locally grown, 5 huge bunches for the price of one supermarket arrangement.  My table is full of vases, I admire the flowers every time I walk past.

It's been a quiet weekend, just putting things to rights and trying to make some sort of sense of the stacks of fabric in the sewing room. 
After hours and hours of decisions I'm finally starting to see progress;  even though you might think this is still horribly messy, at least I can see blank spaces on the table so I know I'm getting somewhere.  All my trial blocks and half finished projects have been filed away in drawers, with the cutting instructions and graph paper diagrams; when I pull them out in three months time I should know exactly where to start.

I couldn't understand why I felt so driven to keep cutting projects these last few days, without stopping to sew and actually enjoy myself.  Then I realised why I'm stockpiling; my DD is coming to stay for a few weeks, and my subconcious was obviously in charge, making sure that I will have a heap of piecing that I can just pick up and put down easily.  I'm glad someone is on the ball around here.

Today I want to cut up all my 3.5" strips, so that I can actually get the drawer shut easily.  They will make those simple plaid blocks that were on my design wall a while ago.  Once I've done that, I will have completely emptied my 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5"strip drawers, cutting them into pieces for kits.  Quite an achievement, I feel.  As soon as I sew all those kitted projects together I'll feel even better.

On Friday Mereth and I ran away to a neighbouring town and investigated the Op-shop there.  I found all this vintage ric-rac for 20 cents each, so I bought the oldest ones.  I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I can feel an applique project coming on,  I'll have to preshrink all this, it's pretty poor quality, but at least it's all guaranteed colour fast. 


Unknown 10:31 PM  

Here we call that braided zig-zag stuff ric-rac, and we call that bias stuff like in your basket seam binding. I love that basket you have it in.

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