Sunday, June 24, 2012

I had a productive weekend, finishing all the blocks for the Triple Irish Chain.  I like how it looks on the design wall, nice and rich.  The next step is to add extra squares around the edges to complete the chains and large light coloured areas.

 I know I could plan that in EQ7, but sometimes it's just easier to get the graph paper and pencils out.
Another morning of sewing should see this in one piece, but I'm all out of 2" strips; looks like I will have to cut some from the stash drawers.
The Doors and Windows blocks that I am making as leader-enders are mounting up, but there's no room on the design wall for them, so I don't know how they will look.  As soon as the chain quilt is done I'll be putting these up and seeing if the colours are right; they seem rather sombre right now, I may have to add a few happier fabrics to the mix.
During the week Mereth and I had fun putting together some very sturdy shelving to hold my sewing machine collection. 

I don't think I'm normal, I get far more happiness from metal shelving than shoes or makeup or jewellery.  It makes my heart glad every time I see all my machines in their new home.


Me and My Stitches 6:14 AM  

Your quilt looks great - I love the colors - can't wait to see it finished. I don't blame you for wanting that shelving - all of your machines look great there!

marilyn 10:55 AM  

wow, you have a lot of machines :) I love the old machines too. They have such a history and I like to think about their former owners and all of the things that have been made on them. I'm not normal either because I'd rather have shelves full of sewing machines and fabric instead of jewelry any day!

Kate 2:25 PM  

That shelving makes my heart beat faster too - so neat and sturdy. Have you done a post on your "babies"? It would be nice to be introduced to them.

Jeanne 3:53 PM  

I'd love to see your collection, too.
Know what you mean about paper and pencil. Sometimes, it's just easier that way for me.

Jan 4:42 PM  

Just knew that it would turn out great. What a fun collection of sewing machines!

Sue SA 2:31 AM  

Wow would love to see your collection of machines! Quilt looks great, funny that you should "run out" of strips, it's a fantastic never ending cycle.. Make quilt, have scraps, make another quilt to use scraps etc etc!

sewprimitive karen 10:28 AM  

Can't wait to see quilting in your quilt; it looks divine. And what a good idea to set up shelving just for the machines. I should do the same. It would certainly need to be sturdy shelving, though.

Gypsy Quilter 10:18 AM  

Truly wonderful Irish chain. Thanks sew much for sharing.

Henrietta 9:34 AM  

Ditto what Kate said, would love to read a post about your machines. My collection here in SD is mostly treadles (because they are just too expensive to ship to Hawaii) the "portables" at at home in Hawaii and I sew on them regularly.

I must be abnormal too, the shelves are great!

Hmmm, feel a post coming on!

Miss you and am glad you are able to endure the internet access frustration from time to time.

Stephanie Newman 9:29 PM  

Nice shelves Kerryn! Where did you get them? I have some classic and vintage machines too that I would love to gather together into one place..Right now they're around the house in different places. Mind you if I were to install such shelving the question would be where to put it.

Seonaid Emmerson 4:07 PM  

It's ok mummy I have the love of shoes and makeup enough for both if us. Those are some nice shelves though. Think of all the shoes I could put on them .....

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