Monday, November 10, 2014

Nothing is jumping out and demanding to be finished, so I pulled out a long-term UFO and I'm working on it here and there.  I blogged about this here and here in December 2012.  I think 2 years in the cupboard is enough incubation time.

It's such a sweet block to put together, there is nothing hard about it;
 it's the setting that is difficult, and I intend to keep adding blocks to the existing section, so that I don't have to do it all at the end.  I'm still committed to finishing it with the set-in alternate blocks, and that is what is piquing my interest.  I have to be very careful with every seam, and that's not my usual way of working.  The slower pace appeals to me just now, so I'm enjoying my slow progress.
I made a mockup in EQ7,so I have some idea of how many blocks I need, and how much of the setting fabric.
I need 50 blocks for this size, so I will be making these for quite a while.  The layout I've done is only 67" wide, which I don't think is enough. If I make it bigger it will need 71 blocks, ouch!   If I get sick of them I'll just put the project aside, because I don't want to ruin my enjoyment of this quilt by forcing myself to work on it.

I just might lose all self-control in a week or two and cut out something new, wouldn't that be Fun?  I'm not going to do Bonnie's mystery this year, but I just may have to make Jared Takes A Wife, I've had the materials set aside for that for months.  It will be a treat to finally cut into them.


Gayle 8:51 AM  

This is a unique setting for these blocks - I love it! Look forward to watching it progress!

Sandy 3:37 PM  

That's an interesting pattern, and I love the fabrics. I think it lends itself to a signature quilt.

Gypsy Quilter 1:44 AM  

This is very, very pretty. And of course I want to make one. But I would need to cut off the corners of the pink block and make a flying geese unit, then assemble a bit differently. I'm not good at assembling fussy corners like you are. Thanks for sharing.

Karen 12:28 AM  

I like pink and brown combo quilts. Especially in reproduction fabrics.

Diane 3:18 AM  

Beautiful! You always pick such wonderful patterns. Now I want to make this one! :)

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